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FS Altitude Entire USA Bundle

FS Altitude Entire USA Bundle

FS Altitude Entire USA Bundle

Price: $119.90

This Ground Breaking Product Is Everything That Every Flight Simulator X Pilot Who Likes To Fly High and Fast Has Always Wanted - PhotoScenery That Stretches To The Horizon In All Directions.

When you're cruising at Flight Level 370, default Flight Simulator Scenery just doesn't cut it in terms of the realism of your out-the-window view. It's artificial, created from repeating landclass textures that simulate the land type. That artificial world is now gone forever thanks to FS Altitude a photoreal scenery product that uses satellite images of the actual world beneath you to create a photoreal world that stretches to the horizon in all directions and created especially to make your high altitude flight in jet aircraft the most realistic experience it can be.

FS Altitude takes advantage the the multi-resolution display system of the Flight Simulator X scenery engine. Except for a small cone of regular autogen scenery below the aircraft, a cone that you don't see when you are at high altitude, the rest of the world in all directions from your aircraft is shrouded with a blanket of satellite scenery of the "actual" world recreated from 14.25 meter/pixel satellite imagery. The land you are traversing is the actual land and landmarks you will see in real life. The result - a "real" world beneath you at high altitude with no more generic Flight Sim X scenery beneath you.


  • Framerate friendly - no need for a powerful system
  • 14.25 meters per pixel satellite imagery
  • Optimized colors and quality designed to match real world colors
  • Recreates the "real" world. Actual rivers, mountains, interstates etc etc.
  • Compatible with other mesh products and other photo-real products. If you are using photoreal products such as MegaScenery, as you climb to high altitude, FS Altitude takes over which is desirable due to more efficient rendering at high altitude.
  • More efficient than displaying default flight sim scenery
  • Easy to install easy to use. To turn it off, just make a one click deactivation in the scenery library.

Get both FSAltitude Western USA and FSAltitude Eastern USA and enjoy high altitude flight over a photoreal world across the entire 48 lower states. This bundle gives you the entire USA (3,500,000 square miles) at 14.25 meters per pixel satellite scenery optimized for high altitude flight. This package contains 6 DVDs and gives you 40 Gb of satellite imagery. This really is revolutionary in terms of scope and value. This is tens of thousands of dollars worth of imagery. Save with this bundle - $139.90 when purchased separately.

For Details On Each Individual Titles, Please Follow These Links:

Eastern USA

Western USA

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