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GoFlight (GF-TQ6-ADV) Throttle Quadrant With Reverser Levers

GoFlight (GF-TQ6-ADV) Throttle Quadrant With Reverser Levers

GoFlight (GF-TQ6-ADV) Throttle Quadrant With Reverser Levers

Weight 4.00 lbs
Price: $559.95

With the new GF-TQ6-ADV, you are one step closer to having a complete Boeing 737 cockpit. The new release of the B737 NG style handles with reversers give you the realest experience of flying a fully loaded B737 jet. With A/T Disengage and Auto Take Off & Go Around buttons these handles are the complete deal. Make your B737 cockpit a reality NOW!!!

Products Description: The GF-TQ6-ADV* Throttle Quadrant standard shipping configuration contains (2) Boeing 737 jet thrust levers with (2) connected thrust reverse levers, a spoiler lever, and a flap handle. All handles are removable. This product is designed to model the Boeing 737 NG throttle quadrant. Each handle can be "assigned" to a specic engine, prop, mixture, spoilers, reversers, aps, etc., so it can be adapted to handle other engine configurations.


  • Two Boeing 737NG Throttle Handles with Engine Reverse Levers
  • 2 AutoThrottle Disengage Function
  • 2 Auto Take Off and Go Around Function
  • 1 Speed Brake Lever
  • 1 Flaps Lever
  • Realistic Size and Feel
  • Easy Plug and Play

Software Compatibility: All Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9) and FSX: default and add-on aircraft. All X-Plane (excluding Mobile version) and Project Magenta software modules. The functions assigned to each congurable element are congured using GoFlight's GFCong software (go to the current version by clicking here).

Dimensions: Module Dimensions: 4" tall, 7.25" wide, 5" of back clearance. The mounting hole centers are 1.5" down from the top edge of the panel, 6.75" apart, and 0.25" from the left & right edges of the panel.

The GF-TQ6-ADV requires 4" of space in the GoFlight Flight Deck Console. For mounting in custom cockpits, allow 5" of depth behind your panel.