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Flight Simulator X Backlit Keyboard

Flight Simulator X Backlit Keyboard

Flight Simulator X Backlit Keyboard

Weight 6.00 lbs
Regular Price: $129.95
Price: $97.46


  • Has 100 FSX Keyboard Shortcuts On The Keys
  • Backlit for greater visibility especially at night
  • Extremely high quality
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you aren't satisfied


PC Aviator Highly Recommends This Backlit Keyboard Created Especially For Flight Simulator X. The Quality Of Construction Is Worth Every Penny. We Back Our Recommendation With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

How many times have you sat in a dark room flying, struggling to see the keyboard, or simply used a poor quality keyboard? We're getting rid of both of those problems today with the Flight Simulator X Keyboard.

You can spend hours at the cockpit and you want to improve your in-home cockpit to make it the most appealing and realistic set up possible. The wait is over for one of the most requested keyboards of all time, the Flight Simulator X Keyboard from Editors Keys.

This brand new keyboard contains over 100 shortcuts for Flight Sim X and has been designed from the ground with tons of Flight Sim X users to make the most visually appealing and accurate shortcut keyboard.

The keyboards are designed to help you fly better than ever before. No more looking through PDF's to find the shortcuts for Flight Simulator X. Now you'll have them to hand.

The Flight Simulator X keyboard also features some great back and side lighting, so when you're piloting through the night, you'll have the backlights to guide you, whereever your destination.

Eye strain is a big problem for most computer users and for editors working in a dimly lit room the problem can be much greater. Did you know you can be causing yourself to suffer with eye strain, back pain and neck pain?

Editor's Keys worked with Optical Express in the UK to ensure we developed a product which would help remove these problems.

“This innovation should significantly reduce eye strain symptoms. This will ultimately improve efficiency for the user & improve eye health in the long term” said Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director of Optical Express.

Editors Keys are used by most of the worlds top editing suites, post production houses, recording studios and universities, so it's time for you to improve your flight set up and join the backlit shortcut revolution with your Flight Simulator X Keyboard.