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1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport

1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport

1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport

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PUBLISHER Orbx Simulation Systems (MORE)
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Expand Your FTX NA Blue Scenery With This Airport Add-On!

Located in a beautiful valley, Darrington Municipal Airport has one of the most glorious settings in the entire flight simulator world! Serving Snohomish County and dwarfed by the shadow of the mighty Whitehorse Mountain, this airfield is set in the heart of picturesque Darrington village on the confluence of two rivers.

Rich in salmon fishing, wildlife and pristine natural surrounding, it's a perfect base for your bush flying adventures into the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area and North Cascades National Park. The Orbx duo of Andreas Hegi and Heiko Glatthorn (aka 'Mango') have lovingly crafted this airfield to include so many details, including uniquely modeled churches, houses, hangars, buildings and of course, the 'little' touches.

This is an Orbx FTX airport, and as such a copy of Orbx FTX NA BLUE Pacific Northwest must be installed prior to use.

Main Product Features:

  • Ground imagery at 30/60cm per pixel
  • Beautifully modeled airport and town
  • FSX gmax poly runway and aprons with fx
  • Spectacular mountain setting
  • Includes a large coverage of photoreal area
  • Accurate watermasks for the rivers
  • Photos taken by Orbx staff for all buildings
  • Includes custom GA AI Traffic movements
  • Seamlessly blends into FTX NA PNW
  • Expertly seasonally color matched
  • First in a series of WA area airports!
  • Orbx TextureFlow optimised models

System Requirements:

  1. FSX
  2. DVD-ROM Drive
  3. CPU: 2Ghz or higher
  4. RAM: 1Gb minimum
  5. Video: 512mb card or better
  6. FTX NA Blue