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FS2Crew : Default FS2004 737 Edition

FS2Crew : Default FS2004 737 Edition

FS2Crew : Default FS2004 737 Edition

With FS2Crew you're no longer flying solo, you're flying as part of team, just like the Pro's do.

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FS2Crew: 737 Default Edition was the second release in the FS2Crew series. Essentially it's a modified version of the Professional Edition that's been made to work with the stock 737 that comes packaged with FS2004.

All of the Professional Edition's excellent functionality is retained in the Default Edition within the scope of the Default 737's capabilities. Other enhancements to the Default 737 are also included.

The 737 Default Edition of FS2Crew is ideal for individuals who do not have the time to learn the complexities of the PMDG 737NG, but who want a fun, immersive airline environment for their flights.

Note that the the Default Edition can also work with other freeware 737s that conform to the MS SDK coding conventions.

Features:-> Retains all the immersion, depth and functionality of the Professional Edition designed for the PMDG 737NG. See the Professional Edition Product Page for a complete list of features.

-> Autoland capability is added to the Default 737 to simulate dual-channel ILS approaches.

-> Many other enhancements to the Default 737 such as air-conditioning and other sound effects are added.

-> Easy-to-follow instructions are included so that you can add FS2Crew to other 737s.