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MegaCity Phoenix

MegaCity Phoenix

MegaCity Phoenix

Soar the Flight Simulator 2004 Skies above Phoenix Arizona created from Hi-Res Aerial photography

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Say Goodbye To Default Flight Simulator Scenery Forever and Prepare to soar the skies above a Flight Simulator world that’s more realistic than anything you’ve ever flown on your PC...

MegaCITY Phoenix puts you up there in the skies above Phoenix, Arizona at a level of realism that you've never experienced before with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

Home to 1.5 million people, Phoenix is the major city of the Southwestern United States. The entire city of Phoenix and a huge portion of surrounding area of the state of Arizona is created by taking 1 foot per pixel high-resolution colored aerial photographs and porting them into Flight Simulator. The result is a visual flight experience above this thriving modern metropolis in FS2004 that parallels a real-life visual flight experience.

See, spot and identify every minute land feature - every road, every street, every house, every park, every golf course - EVERY THING that you'll see flying the Phoenix skies in real life. You clearly see "everything" in the city below you from the vantage point of your own cockpit - right down to individual rooftops and individual trees on golf courses.

South of downtown you'll find and fly into the world's 5th busiest airport - Phoenix SkyHarbor International (PHX) 36 million passengers a year go through its gates and 1,500 aircraft a day take off and land.

The PHX that is in this product is the same as the default FS2004 airport - but what makes it different is when it is surrounded by 8,400 square miles of REAL WORLD scenery that makes the experience one that you just can't get enough of. Now it feels real! This is the ONLY way to feel that you're actually flying in Phoenix.

Soar Above And Explore The Places You Know
MegaCITY Phoenix lets you explore, from your cockpit, all the names and places you know in Phoenix. See all of the suburbs, all of the landmarks and all water bodies - right down to small ponds. Every street, every ballpark, every mall (complete with cars in the parking lot), every stream, see it all. If you know Phoenix, you'll know what you're seeing. If you want to know Phoenix more intimately, you'll discover it all!

It's not all just Phoenix metro area though (this is only about 500 square miles). This title gives you 8,400 square miles of Central Arizona! It covers a lot of the surrounding suburbs, towns, farmland and water bodies. So there's more to see than just a city! You get the entire Phoenix metro area plus a big chunk of surrounding area of central Arizona. So there's lots to see and discover and marvel at from your aircraft.

At Day and Night - 2 Scenery products In One!Again - since it's from the creators of MegaScenery - you don't just get the day scenery..... you get 2 scenery products in one!

1. Photographic DAY Scenery Actual aerial photographs (1 foot per pixel) ported into Flight Simulator 2004 for a scenery world that looks just like the Phoenix area from a pilot's vantage point. You are flying over THE actual city of Phoenix and a huge expanse of surrounding area. 8,400 square miles - 95 x 95 miles.

2. Spine Tingling NIGHT Scenery Watch the entire city of Phoenix come to life at night as MegaScenery's Night Scenery technology lights up every single light emitting source in the entire metropolis for night scenery whose realism is simply unsurpassed by any scenery product anywhere. No... it's not just random lights - NightScene Technology knows where every light emitting source in the area covered is right down to the street level. No other product line gives you such a realistic night flying experience. The only way to describe the effect is "spine-tingling". When you're flying over Phoenix or the surrounding mountainous regions for that matter - it looks just like it would at night in real life as streets, subdivisions and even interstates light up. You get to truly experience flying Night VFR!

MEGACITY USA 2005: Phoenix Is The Newest MegaCITY Title and Includes All of the Latest MegaScenery Technology Developments:

• Phoenix is New MegaCity™ Technology• Flying in all 4 seasons• Improved Night Scenery• Repositioning of incorrectly placed default FS2004 objects• Many other tweaks and fine enhancements• Provided on 1 convenient DVDSay Goodbye To Default Flight Simulator Scenery Forever - Your Flight Simulator world around Phoenix, Arizona will NEVER look the same again!