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MegaScenery USA: New York (FS2004)

MegaScenery USA: New York (FS2004)

MegaScenery USA: New York (FS2004)

Soar the Flight Simulator 2004 Skies above New York City and Surrounding Area

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Prepare to soar the skies above the world's busiest metropolis, New York City - The Big Apple - and 22,000 miles of surrounding area including NY, CT & NJ states, in the level of detail that only MegaScenery can deliver.

Over 22,000 square miles (130 nm x 175 nm) of photorealistic day, night and new winter scenery lets you explore this busy, built-up and densely populated area of the United States. What this volume lacks in terms of mountainous terrain it makes up for in density, and "busyness" and contains thousands of miles of finely hand etched coastlines, interstate networks and some of the world's notoriously busy airspace.

John F Kennedy International, LaGuardia International and Newark International - 3 busy international airports, all within 30 miles of each other make for some of the most "white-knuckled" flying you could EVER ask for. How do they move such a number of aircraft in and out of these airports and at the same time allow little Cessna's and helicopters to sightsee the area? You'll find out when you're flying there.

Get away from the hustle and bustle with a cruise to the east along Long Island and over the Hamptons. Head North over Long Island Sound towards Connecticut's lush green countryside.

Major landmarks and sights include:
Long Island, Long Island Sound, Manhattan, Central Park, Hamptons, Hudson & Connecticut Rivers, New Jersey's upper eastern shore, New York's 5 Burroughs, and everything else in the area that you would see in real life.

And that's just the day flying experience. Experience this whole world again with full NIGHT and DUSK/DAWN scenery. MegaScenery technology maps every road and street and lines it with lighting for a spine tingling night flying experience unmatched by any other scenery product on any other PC flight simulation. So what does the world's busiest metropolis look like when it's lit up at night?

This title features MegaScenery's latest winter effects technology that lays snow over the entire area while flying in Winter. The effect is amazing and adds even more sense of realism to flying over the New York area.

  • 22,000 Square Miles of New York, CT, NJ.
  • Dimensions 130 nm X 175 nm
  • Geographic Co-ordinates: 41.75,-74.75 - 40.25,-71.75
  • Famous Places Covered:
    ▪ New York City and the 5 Burroughs
    ▪ Newark
    ▪ Long Island
    ▪ Long Island Sound
    ▪ Hudson River
    ▪ Hartford
    ▪ Parts Of New Jersey
    ▪ Connecticut and New York State.
  • 48 Instrument Equipped Airports - Numerous Non Instrument
  • Major International Airports
    ▪ JFK Intl, La Guardia Intl ▪ Newark Intl ▪ Hartford Intl
  • Day, Night and Winter Scenery
  • Extensive PDF Documentation: 350 Page Booklet With Printable Instrument Approach Charts, 64 Page Manual with VFR Flying Lessons, PDF New York Visual Terminal Chart and PDF New York Sectional Chart

This title will install with Flight Simulator X using the automatic installer available from http://www.megascenery.com/megafsx.htm