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Adventures Unlimited Volume 1 - Azzurra Air

Adventures Unlimited Volume 1 - Azzurra Air

Adventures Unlimited Volume 1 - Azzurra Air

Azzurra Airlines Adventures For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

SIZE (Mb) 42.9
PUBLISHER PerfectFlight (MORE)
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Azzurra is a private Italian airline founded in December 1995. The airline, which began operations with two aircraft, now has a fleet of twelve aircraft operating on scheduled routes to the main European capitals and a vast network of charter flights to the main tourist destinations of the Mediterranean area. This is your chance to become an Azzurra Pilot.


  • 3 aircraft in Azzurra Air livery
    - Boeing 737-700
    - Avro Regional Jet 70
    - Avro Regional Jet 85

  • B737-700 and Avro RJ-70/85 Panels designed exclusively for this add-on. Features: Captain and First Officer visuals, both interchangeable! Also, you get a special Landing/VFR panel view to give you the same visual as flying a final approach in real life.

  • Adventure Manager: Unlimited Adventures! Design all the adventures you want using the exclusive Adventure Compiler, the AI/ATC Adventure Generator that allows the complete interaction with the FS2004/FS2002 ATC and Traffic generated by Artificial Intelligence. You can create an adventure for any departure/arrival airport pair using FS2004/FS2002 or any other Flight Plan capable of exporting the plan in FS2004/FS2002 format (as FSNavigator, Ultimate Airlines etc.). Also you can set-up many options before you compile the adventure. For example, if you want to change the fuel on board the Compiler automatically computes the V1,Vr and V2 speeds but you can always modify all parameters

  • The Azzurra Air Manager, a software interface written in MS Access (you must have this software installed in your PC in order to use the Manager) to manage your fleet, the pilot logbook, staticstics, adventures and more.

  • The Azzurra User Guide includses Reference and Checklist and Procedures for all planes provided

  • The Boeing 737-700 Flight Manual includes: Airplane description, Performance, Ground Maneuvering, Terminal Servicing, Jet Engine Wake and Noise Data, Pavement Data.