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Mil Mi-17 Helicopter

Mil Mi-17 Helicopter

Mil Mi-17 Helicopter

The Mil Mi-17 Helicopter For FS2004

SIZE (Mb) 46.3
PUBLISHER Nemeth Designs (MORE)
Price: $21.95
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The Mi-17 is one of the most popular medium transport helicopter on the world. As its ancestor, the Mi-8, it is mostly used in the former soviet bloc but it is also current in many asian, african and european country.

It exists in many military and civil variations. Its primary utilization is military and commercial passenger transporting but it is also used as medium assault an infantry-backup helicopter.


  • Detailed gmax model based on real Mi-17 blueprints
  • Animated exterior and interior parts (doors, suspensions, controls, windows, pilots, etc.)
  • Detailed and full clickable virtual cockpit
  • Passenger cabin
  • Reflective and photoreal textures
  • English panels and instruments
  • Lights (landing, taxi, rotor, strobe, gauge, etc.)
  • Accurate flight dynamics
  • Custom gauges
  • English operation manual
  • Paintkit
  • Many implemented systems such as the electronic systems, fuel system, starter engine, fire-fighting and anti-icing system, flight control mechanism
  • All systems are created with the aid of real Mi-17 pilots and engineers, and the flight dynamics is tested by real Mi-17 and Mi-8 pilots.
  • Two-engine starting is simulated.
  • The autopilot/stabilizer has trim effect.
  • The cockpit windows can be opened separately. Cockpit windows and doors now open with mouseclick in VC.
  • Switches and some of the instruments are converted to animated 3D models in VC.
  • Two new versions with rounded windows: transport; parachute (no rear doors). The exterior texture maps have only minor changes (due to split rear doors) so old repaints can be used with minor (or without) remake