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Stearman Model 4 Speedmail

Stearman Model 4 Speedmail

Stearman Model 4 Speedmail

The last and finest biplane model constructed by the Stearman Aircraft Corporation

SIZE (Mb) 11.6
PUBLISHER Golden Age Simulations (MORE)
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The huge Stearman Model 4 Junior Speedmails were the last in a long line of wonderful, sturdy work-horses produced by the Stearman Aircraft Company. Produced between the years of 1929-1932, these well-constructed and yet graceful work-horses were custom made to order for various oil firms as well as wealthy sportsman-type pilots and by the many U.S. Air-Mail flying services/airlines of the Golden Age of Aviation.

One of the largest and fastest biplane designs of those glory years, it was known to be extremely stable and well-mannered, as well as giving fast cruise speeds, whilst carrying an enormous payload for the operator/pilot earning the young fledgling airlines and various companies a respectable profit on those Depression Era days!

Our package brings both the Model D and E's to life for FS2004. The D Model was powered by 300 Horse Power Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior. Each of our Model D's has a unique flight dynamics file that accurately represents the characteristics of the aircraft.

The Model E was powered by the 450 Horse Power Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp and, as with the D Models, it also has a unique flight dynamics file.

The models are complete with custom gauges, full animations, and sound file from Sky Song Soundworks.

Although designed initially for FS9 using FSDS 2.4 this model has been extensively tested in FSX and found to be compatible. There are known issues: at high autogen settings clouds may interfere with prop textures. The knee board does not support graphics. This model is only compatible with FSX and is not backward compatible with earlier versions of Flight Simulator.