Flight Crew X: Gold Edition

Flight Crew X: Gold Edition

Flight Crew X: Gold Edition

3 Years worth of FS2Crew flight crew releases all in the one bundle.

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FS2Crew was created to fill a large void in the Flight Simulator market for discriminating users who wanted an ultra-realistic airline crew simulation program. What started out as a fun spare time project quickly developed into a highly successful venture that has since won numerous awards and widespread acclaim in all four corners of the globe.

FS2Crew draws on the collective experience of an international team of programmers, graphics artists, beta testers and airline professionals who work toward a common goal: To bring you the most realistic flight deck experience possible on your home computer.

Because no two aircraft are the same, each version of FS2Crew is custom made to account for the varying nuances associated with each aircraft's operating procedures. It is only through such customization that FS2Crew can achieve its commitment to providing users with the most technically accurate and detailed simulation possible.

Flight CrweX: Gold Edition gives you all FS2Crew releases from November 2004 to November 2007. Purchased individiually this is worth over $200.

FS2Crew Editions included:
- PMDG 737NG (FS9)
- PMDG 747 (FS9)
- Default 737 (FS9)
- Default 747 (FS9/FSX)
- Wilco A320 (FS9/FSX)
- Default 172 (FS9/FSX)
- Flight1 ATR (FS9)
- Level-D 767 (FS9/FSX)