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A320 Professional Manual

A320 Professional Manual

A320 Professional Manual

The Ultimate A320 Simulator Manual

SIZE (Mb) 138
PUBLISHER University Of Temecula Press (Mike Ray) (MORE)
Price: $49.95
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Mike Ray has written another wonderful book, this time about the fabulous Airbus A320 airplane. He is releasing this download version for those who prefer the electronic images.

While the material is specifically intended for the professional Airbus pilot community, it is something that should be in every serious Airbus Flight Simmers library.

It is fascinating to read, and written in a style that can be characterized as humorous and yet technically challenging. The document is filled with hundreds of pages in glorious color, each choked with a treasure trove of information.

The collection of actual flight techniques and technical data, which is intended to prepare the professional pilot for the airline style check-ride, will answer most every question simmers will have regarding the airplane and its operation.

The beautiful document has been called a work of art by those professional pilots that have read it.

While being technically accurate and filled with definitive explanations of the inherently complex workings of the airplane, it is also constructed in a very interesting and clear manner so that even the most unfamiliar reader will begin to understand and remember the details of operation.

Entertaining, yet interesting and fact filled and massive at 400 pages.

Captain Mike's style makes the complex ... well ... almost easy.

This manual has been approved by FAA Airbus A320 Check-airman at a major airline