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DreamScenery Indianapolis International Airport

DreamScenery Indianapolis International Airport

DreamScenery Indianapolis International Airport

Indianapolis International Airport In True To Life Detail (For FS2004)

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Indianapolis International Airport scenery has a complete and realistic rendition of Indianapolis International Airport (KIND) and surrounding buildings.

It tries to match the real thing and how this airport looks like in real life as close as possible.

Also this scenery is fully customizable giving you the possibility of choosing which features of the scenery will show with the help of a configuration application created by Dreamscenery exclusively for its sceneries, the Dreamscenery Display Options program, having thus virtually hundreds of configurations in order to fit your system capabilities, from fully detailed to lower densities.

Here goes a list with the features included in this scenery.

  • A complete representation of Indianapolis airport KIND which includes:
  • All the airport terminals (International main terminal, Fedex, etc.).
  • Runways, taxiways and apron network with custom textures.
  • Runway grass and runway light system.
  • Dynamic Jetways in main terminal and ex United Facility Hub (frequency controlled).
  • Terminal ground facility vehicles in both, main terminal as well as in Fedex cargo area (frequency controlled).
  • All the airport hangars, most of them with frequency controlled opening doors
  • Taxiway and runway signage
  • Both the current and the new control tower.
  • Static objects
  • Dynamic scenery (airport ground vehicles as well as cars coming and going away from the airport drop off area.
  • Real buildings and vegetation around the airport zone (hotels, industrial, etc.) making you feel like being there.
  • New GRE next to the runway 5L-23R.
  • Runways ice accumulation in those heavy winter days between January 15th and February 9th.
  • New Midfield terminal construction site (due to be ready by late 2008).