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FlightSim Commander X

FlightSim Commander X

FlightSim Commander X

Professional flight planning, GPS, Moving Map and navigation tool for Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X.

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PUBLISHER Aerosoft Germany  (MORE)
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FlightSim Commander is a professional flight planning, GPS, Moving Map and navigation tool for Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X.

Flight Planner, Moving Map, GPS

The program includes among many features:

  • flight planning for entire routes or route segments
  • display of both ground and airborne AI traffic
  • real-world and user waypoint database
  • North Atlantic Tracks, PACOTs
  • automatic logbook and blackbox recording
  • control zone checks for VFR flights
  • GPS with real-time display of all relevant parameters
  • procedure generator and fuel calculator
  • SIDs/STARs and customizable route segments
  • printable approach and departure charts
  • printable airport layout charts
  • ?VATSIM and ?IVAO support

FlightSim Commander has a large number of different features and functions which are, in most cases, accessible over separate windows. These windows are accessed by choosing the corresponding menu or by pressing the corresponding button in the Map Window which is the main window of FlightSim Commander. The following overview lists the major windows of FlightSim Commander as well as their most prominent features.

The Map window displays:

  • navigational aids (VOR, NDB, ILS, intersections, etc.)
  • airports (runways, taxiways, aprons, etc.)
  • airways (jetways and victorways)
  • airspaces (control zone, FIRs, etc.)
  • Minimum Safe Altitude (MSA)
  • wind direction and speed
  • major rivers and lakes
  • coastlines and state boundaries

The GPS Window display:

  • general information: latitude, longitude, etc.
  • waypoint information
  • arrival airport information
  • weather report
  • ILS selection

Flight Planning is provided for:

  • simple manual or automatic plans
  • navaid-to-navaid, victors airways, jet airways
  • combined plans with different route types
  • SIDs/STARs, Natracks
  • user-defined route segments

AI Traffic is displayed with:


ground speed


call sign or tail number

departure and destination airportOnline pilot support:

  • VATSIM airspace structure
  • IVAO airspace structure
  • display of active controllers

Charts and special windows

airport information

graphic and textual arrival chart

graphic and textual departure chart

automatic logbook

runway chartMonthly updates of the FlightSim Commander database will be provided by "Navigraph". FlightSim Commander is also compatible with WideFS for usage in a network or with single-monitor or multi-monitor systems. Please note that both services are not free of charge! There is NO registered version of the FSUIPC necessary.

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X / 2004
  • Windows XP/2000/Vista
  • Athlon/Pentium III 2.0 Ghz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 3D-graphic card with 32 MB RAM
  • Download-Size: 37 MB
  • Installations-Size: 65 MB