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Eurofighter Typhoon For FSX & FS2004

Eurofighter Typhoon For FSX & FS2004

Eurofighter Typhoon For FSX & FS2004

Experience The Latest Air Superiority Platform With The EuroFighter Typhoon

SIZE (Mb) 115.8
PUBLISHER Combat Planes (MORE)
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Eurofighter Typhoon for Microsoft FS X adds the latest multi-weapon air superiority platform to the latest and greatest civilian flight simulation. With two versions of the Eurofighter, including the single seat fighter and the tandem trainer, and the most detailed physical model yet seen on the PC, we are giving the hungry pilot everything he was hoping for.

We have a highly detailed, completely active cockpit including working radar set. Shut down your engines and open your canopy and the ladder appears. Launch your weapons and watch them speed outward. Climb into the rear seat, allowing two pilots to occupy the same aircraft online or via LAN.

We have animated features including flaperons, foreplanes, leading edge slats, the air braking system, living pilot, articulated landing gear and a drogue chute. We have heat blur, cockpit reflections, bump mapping and more. An authentic sound set completes the flying experience. The model is NOT a port.

New Scenery
To simulate the fighting environment we have added eight detailed military bases, including RAF Leeming, Boscombe Down, Coningsby, Rostock-Laage in Germany, Moron de la Frontera in Spain, Caselle in Italy and Rygge in Norway for good measure. Your Eurofighter comes in the liveries of five nations: Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Austria with a variety of squadrons represented for each nation. We even have a stealth "Blackbird" livery. By courtesy of Just Flight we also have an active Tornado and C130 at many bases.

And of course there are new missions to fly, in English and German, eighteen for the standard version and twenty for Acceleration. An in-flight cockpit tutorial leads you through the avionics systems. After you become acquainted with the Eurofighter, you will participate in active combat missions in Britain, as well as western and northern Europe. The rules of engagement are posted: are you ready for combat?

Eurofighter is compatible with the new ACCELERATION pack, and an in-flight refueling mission is included for owners of ACCELERATION. For those who have not yet made the upgrade to FS X, the Eurofighter is included in the same detail for FS 9, with six preprogrammed flights from major European military bases.