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Quest Kodiak (FSX/P3D)

Quest Kodiak (FSX/P3D)

Quest Kodiak (FSX/P3D)


SIZE (Mb) 176
PUBLISHER Lionheart Creations (MORE)
Price: $24.95
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Now compatible with P3D v4

This is the incredible new Quest Kodiak by Quest Aircraft Corporation in Sandpoint Idaho. This is a turboprop powered 10 passenger, high endurance bush plane designed for all the elements of the world. Featuring STOL capabilities, a rugged landing gear and airframe, a new dual wingfoil design, and a largeclamshell style door for uploading cargo and passengers more easily. 

This unique, high tech bush plane comes equipped with the state of the art Garmin G1000 panel systemlinked with the modern S-Tec Five-Fifty X Auto Pilot system. The Flight Sim version of the Kodiak features alow resources MFD GPS panel system that is designed to use less computer power to render the map, andalso can be turned off into 'sleep mode' for added frame rate performance.

This package is a high detail Flight Sim addon and features 10 models and 7 different texture packs andliveries. This features a fully decked out Rescue Air-Ambulance version, passenger model, and a 'filled to thetop' Cargo plane. Each model comes with an optional Belly Pod, and also 3 versions of Amphibious floatplanes, one of each of the base models, (Rescue, Passenger, and Cargo).

Lastly, this also features a 'High Performance Texture Pack' with an auto-installer that loads a set of texturesthat are all 'standard resolution'. This is for those who might have slower computers or less powerful laptopcomptuers.

Key Features:

  • Fully Animated control surfaces and landing gear, all three doors, with the cargo clamshell door having flip out steps.
  • Animated exterior model pilot with roaming head animations
  • New high detail panel with extreme care taken to exactly duplicate the actual Kodiak instrument panel
  • New, refined, high performance glass screen "Garmin G1000" system with optional 'sleep mode' in the MFD
  • New high detail manual that will 'evolve' with the aircraft
  • Rebuild cabin with high detail textures, details, refined object mesh. Doors now open fully forward, bush style.
  • New 'composite style' Amphibian floats featuring retractable gear and new lower hull design as like the factory model
  • Air Ambulance Rescue model that features a patient in the gurney, animated IV bottles, and tons of equipment andsupplies
  • Passenger version with new production model seat designs, and an optional leather seat package as well
  • High detail center power console with all features in 3D with high resolution texturing
  • 8 Position (each) sun visors, actuated seperately, semi transparent, can swivel sideways
  • Multiple (3) interior lighting elements; Rear Cabin Domelights, Front Cockpit Dome light, Instrumentation and cabinsoft glow.
  • High Performance Texture Pack 'optional' download with auto-installer for those with slower computers
  • Redeveloped airfile set with a nice 'flairing' ability now to bring your Kodiak in 'main gear' first on rough terrain
  • New textures include Red, Orange, and the Red White and Blue 'Missionary Aviation Fellowship' paint scheme
  • Sky Door switch that hides the rear clam shell door assembly to replicate a Sky Diver variant Kodiak  

Available as a free download, this is the detailed Quest Kodiak Flight Manual. This will tell you most everything about the aircraft package, from models, to flying it, to the actual aircraft. It is jam packed with screenshots and diagrams but explained as simple aspossible. You can download the manual from here > http://lionheartworld.net/qk/Quest_Kodiak_Manual.pdf



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