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Flight Enhancer (FS2004)

Flight Enhancer (FS2004)

Flight Enhancer (FS2004)

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Let's face it: the sky, the clouds, the whole environment in this world changes on a daily basis. Shouldn't your flight simulator do the same? Now it can with Flight Enhancer.

Flight Enhancer is an extensive and feature-rich addon for Flight Simulator that gives you the freedom of flying in a completely different environment everytime you step in the cockpit. Compiled from real photographs, Flight Enhancer features 2,700 unique textures which makes for up to 7million different combinations you can experience. It features realistic textures for the sky,clouds, water, reflections, lighting, and the sun; all of which can be controlled via the Flight Enhancer interface. Take a peek and let the screenshots speak for themselves.

Flight Enhancer Features

Sky Textures - Includes 69 realistic sky texture sets for all times of day (dawn,day,dusk and night) featuring blended "soft" horizons for a more natural look.

Water Textures -Includes 5 state of the art ocean and river textures sets that feature wave and reflection textures that change dynamically with the weather.

Cloud Textures - Features 4 acclaimed cloud textures sets that look great without affecting performance.

Lighting Textures - Includes 4 brighter and more focused runway lighting sets.

Sun Textures - Includes 4 re-designed sun texture sets along with a custom coded sun effect for a brighter and more realistic looking shine.

State of the Art Interface

We put a lot of hard work in our interfaces. The result: a Clean, Organized, and Easy to Use Application.

Everything is easily controlled from the interface where you can choose and decide which textures to use.

Want to backup your original textures just in case? With the click of a button your textures will be safely backed up. You can also restore them if needed.

Want to view real live weather maps to see which textures would be best to use? Included is a live weather map feature where you can instantly view live weather maps from around the world.

New in version 1.1! "The Mixer" which allows you to randomize all the texture sets to fly in a pure realistic random environment.

New in version 1.1! "Favorites" which allow you to easily save your favorite combinations for future use.

Also Includes

A detailed PDF manual to explain all the features and functions.

No Frame Rate Impact whatsoever!

Friendly, Professional, and fast customer support.


Flight Simulator 2004 running on Windows Xp, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher.