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Live ATC Chatter!

Live ATC Chatter!

Live ATC Chatter!

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Listen To Realtime Live ATC Chatter Directly From Your Flight Simulator Cockpit!

In a nutshell, Live ATC connects to servers that are broadcasting Air Traffic Control chatter (in real-time) from airports from all over the world. It then injects that audio into the comfort of your flight simulator cockpit where you are able to tune into real live atc frequencies using your flight simulator radio.

Tired of the lifeless and dull ambience in your flight simulator filled with nothing but robotic voices? How would you like to bring your simulator up to another level and fly under the same fast-paced environment that the pros fly in? Now you can, with Live ATC Chatter.

Live ATC is a program for Flight Simulator that allows you to listen to real-time, live, Air Traffic Control dialogues from within your cockpit.  Now you can experience and feel the same environment that real-life pilots fly under every day.

Live ATC Features:

  • State of the Art Interface
  • We put a lot of hard work in our interfaces. The result: a Clean, Organized, and User Friendly application
  • Enjoyed one of your flights? With Live ATC you get the ability to save your Live ATC config for future flights.
  • Internet down? Live ATC gives you the option to play saved Mp3/Wav streams for those "special" days.
  • Want a hard copy of the ATC streams and frequencies you will be using? One click to print.
  • Live ATC includes its own volume channel (separate from Flightsim and Windows) to give you full control.

Also Includes

  • WideFS Support. You get the ability to run Live ATC on a networked computer via WideFS.
  • A detailed PDF manual with an *updated step by step tutorial to get you started.
  • No Frame Rate Impact whatsoever!
  • Friendly, Professional, and fast customer support.


  • Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX running on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
  • Fsuipc by Peter Dowson. Get it here FREE
  • Active internet connection when listening to live streams
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher. It is Most Likely Already On Your System Since It Is An Essential Part Of Windows. If Not: Get it here