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Instant Enhancer (FS2004)

Instant Enhancer (FS2004)

Instant Enhancer (FS2004)

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Instantly enhance your FS2004 thru the click of a single button. Experience a new environment powered with state of the art photorealistic textures and no loss in performance.

Tired with the same dull and boring environment in your Flight Simulator? How would you like to take your simulator up a notch without compromising performance? Now you can with Instant Enhancer.

Numerous addons out there claim to "enhance your environment". None of these compete with the simplicity and quality found in Instant Enhancer. Compiled from real DHLR photographs, Instant Enhancer is the simplest addon in its class, and the name speaks for itself. Simply load it up, press one button and in seconds your clouds, oceans, rivers, waves, reflections, skys , grass, lights, runways, sun, trees and moon will be enhanced with the cutting-edge photographic textures. Take a peek and let the screenshots speak for themselves.

Instant Enhancer Features

Sky Textures - Includes realistic sky textures for all times of day (dawn,day,dusk and night) featuring blended "soft" horizons for a more natural look.

Water Textures -Includes state of the art ocean and river textures along with wave and reflection textures that change dynamically with the weather.

Cloud Textures - Acclaimed cloud textures that include both cumulus and cirrus cloud types.

Airport Textures - Features runway and taxiway textures compiled from photographs at real-world airports.

Lighting Textures - Includes brighter and more focused runway lighting along with a more natural airplane lighting system.

Sun Textures - Includes a custom coded sun effect for a brighter but realistic looking sun along with a re-designed lens flare effect.

Grass Textures - Features a new grass texture that goes and looks great in all airports

Tree Textures - Includes newly tweaked and redesigned tree textures for all seasons.

Moon Textures - Includes a new moon texture complied from a real HD photograph

State of the Art Interface

We put a lot of hard work in our interfaces. The result: a Clean, Organized, and Easy to Use Application.

Want to backup your textures just in case? With the click of a button your textures will be safely backed up. You can also restore them if needed.

Also Includes

Included also is a detailed PDF manual to explain the already simple features and functions.

No Frame Rate Impact whatsoever!

Friendly, Professional, and fast customer support.


Flight Simulator 2004 running on Windows Xp, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher.