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CRJ-700 GE-CF34 Soundpack for FSX

CRJ-700 GE-CF34 Soundpack for FSX

CRJ-700 GE-CF34 Soundpack for FSX
CRJ-700 GE-CF34 Soundpack for FSX

SIZE (Mb) 64
PUBLISHER Turbine Sound Studios (MORE)
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TSS is proud to announce the TSS CRJ-700 GE-CF34 Soundpack for FSX, this features the soundcones in FSX, so you can enjoy the sound from every angle.

With this soundpack,we have captured all the best soundmoments , and put them together, to combine a truly stunning representation of the CF34 engine.

This soundpack works perfectly with the default FSX CRJ-700, so this would be a great sound upgrade for that.

This soundpack can also be used with other CRJ-700 addon`s.

All enginesounds are recorded few feet away from the engines of Lufthansa & Adria CRJ-700`s

Besides the real high end recordings of the engines, this sound also includes:

  • Custom Wind Custom
  • Gear Custom flaps
  • Custom wheel rumble
  • ambient cockpit sound, just to bring the experience up, from within the cockpit.

The CRJ700 is a stretched 70-seat derivative of the CRJ200, equipped with the General Electric CF34-8C1 engine. Maximum speed is Mach 0.85 at a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet (12,500 m). Depending upon payload, the CRJ700 can travel up to 2250 statute miles (3,600 km) with current engines, and a new variant with CF34-8C5 engines will be able to travel up to 2895 miles (4,660 km).

The CRJ700 features a new wing with leading edge slats and a stretched and slightly widened fuselage, with a lowered floor. This enables the aircraft to carry up to 78 passengers with a crew of 2 plus cabin crew. The first flight was in 1999 and it entered service in 2001. It competes with the Embraer 170. The CRJ700 comes in three subvariants - Series 700, Series 701 and Series 702. The 700 is limited to 68 passengers, the 701 to 70 passengers and the 702 to 78 passengers. The aircraft's FAA Type Certificate designation is the CL-600-2C10.[2] The first airline to fly a CRJ700 was Brit Air in 2001.

The General Electric CF34 is a civilian turbofan developed by GE Aircraft Engines from its TF34 military engine. The CF34 is used on a number of jet airliners, including the Bombardier CRJ series, the Embraer E-Jets, and the Chinese ARJ21 under development.