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Flying Club Schweizer 300 Cbi

Flying Club Schweizer 300 Cbi

Flying Club Schweizer 300 Cbi

Schweizer 300 Cbi

SIZE (Mb) 135.5
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A small helicopter but a great simulation! One of the most popular General Aviation utility and training helicopters in the World is now available for FSX and FS2004. The S300CBi is modelled in extreme high-quality detail based on extensive research on the real-world aircraft. The aircraft is supplied with a set of unique tools to customise and enhance your rotary flying experience, and an excellent tutorial to help you get to grips with rotary-wing flying. 

Detailed features

  • Highly accurate and intricately detailed model
  • Authentic custom sound built from the real aircraft sounds - internal and external
  • Highly realistic custom flight model created by an industry leader in this field
  • High-quality authentic aircraft textures inside and out giving you that 'real feel'
  • Based on extensive research on the real-world aircraft
  • Immersive virtual cockpit with mouse clickable instruments and knobs
  • Authentic 2D instrument panel
  • FSX and FS2004 compatible
  • Authentic animations: Rotors, rotating belts, moving swash plates, entry doors - even the door handles work!
  • Details, details! Highly detailed engine and rotor drives and small but important items like the Comms and Nav radio antennas, footsteps, tie-down points, door hinges, temperature gauge probes, fuel tank caps – you can even see the printing on the individual drive belts, all individually numbered!
  • Variety for fun flying! Aircraft variations include the choice of one or two fuel tanks (with appropriate changes in flight performance), four different paint schemes with 6 authentic national aircraft registrations. In total there are 100 variations to choose from! Even flying with or without a passenger is an option.
  • Custom model and nation/registration selection tool for easy selection of the aircraft variation that you wish to fly. You will even see the correct number of people in the cabin! 
  • AeroLoad payload editor. Change the amount of fuel, baggage and the number of passengers you are carrying. You will even see the correct number of people in the cabin!
  • AeroPaint texture utility. Create new custom liveries of the aircraft or edit the existing ones. (External painting program such as MS Paint required).
  • Operating navigation and landing lights
  • Cockpit night lighting
  • Full and comprehensive documentation included based on the real aircraft manual, covering technical details, panel and gauge descriptions, normal and emergency procedures, checklists and much more.
  • A dedicated website www.jfflyingclub.com to download additional files, paints and resources and enhance the features of your Flying Club aircraft.


  • Flight Simulator X (SP2/Acceleration compatible) or FS2004
  • PIII 1.7GHz (2.5GHz for FSX)
  • 256Mb RAM (512Mb For Windows XP or later versions of Windows)
  • Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7
  • 16Mb 3D graphics card
  • 760Mb hard drive space for FSX