FS Repaint Version 2

FS Repaint Version 2

FS Repaint Version 2

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This clever software package was originally developed several years ago by the team of Jorge Santoro and Marco Paulo. Now they've revamped this popular utility to support the aircraft of Flight Simulator X.

FS Repaint is the ready for you to make small changes or paint a whole fleet of aircraft.With FS Repaint you'll be able to easily make impressive visual changes to your favorite aircraft in just minutes. FS Repaint is the simplest way to change the visual appearance of your aircraft. You can easily change the look of your aircraft in a few easy steps:

  1. Load an existing aircraft
  2. Change the paint scheme (modify the textures)
  3. View the modifications immediately in 3D view
  4. Save the repainted aircraft 
  5. Fly your new aircraft

Start FS Repaint and you'll see all of the Models and Variations from your Flight Simulator folder conveniently displayed on the Aircraft tab. FS Repaint can be used to change a vast majority of the aircraft that are now available for FSX and FS2004 including the stock Microsoft aircraft. Choose the desired aircraft by its Variation name. Note: FS Repaint may not be able to repaint certain "encrypted" or highly modified aircraft.

System Requirements:

  1. FSX or FS2004
  2. Windows XP/Vista/7
  3. 128mb DirectX video card

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