S-2 Tracker

S-2 Tracker

S-2 Tracker

Airborne Recon Aircraft

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The S-2 Tracker was originally designed to be an anti-submarine aircraft. The Tracker, which entered service in 1953, was widely used by the US Navy. Eventually, Grumman produced more than 1,100 of the Tracker aircraft for the US and other navies including Australia, Canada and Japan. Later in its life, the Tracker was converted to use as a fire fighter - nicknamed the Firecat.

These workhorse aircraft have come together for the first time in an exceptionally priced combo.

After installing the Prowler and the Tracker you will have access to all these liveries and squadrons:

  • S-2 Tracker
  • S-2T Turbo Firecat Conversion
  • CP-121 Post-1968 CAF
  • CP-121 Pre-1968 RCN
  • S-2A Dutch Air Force
  • S-2A Italian Air Force
  • S-2A Japan MSDF
  • S-2E USN VS-24
  • S-2E Royal Australian Navy
  • S-2E Brazilian Air Force
  • TS-2A USN VT-31
  • TS-2A USN VT-28
  • Marsh S2F-3T Turboprop
  • S2F-3T California Forestry Service


  • Manufacturer: Grumman
  • Crew: 2 pilots + 2 system operators
  • Length: 42' 6"
  • Wing Span: 72' 7"
  • Height: 17' 6"
  • Max takeoff weight: 26,000 lbs
  • Engine: 2 x Wright R-1820-82WA radials
  • Power: 1,525 hp each
  • Max Speed: 280mph
  • Normal Cruise: 150mph
  • Ceiling: 22,000 ft
  • Range: 1,350 miles

System Requirements:

  1. FSX or FS2004
  2. Vista/Win98/2000/XP/7