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Convair F/A-201 Kestrel

Convair F/A-201 Kestrel

Convair F/A-201 Kestrel

Convair F/A-201 Kestrel

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The Convair F/A-201A is the first aircraft of Razbam's "What-If" lineup. These are aircraft that never left the design stage, but are interesting enough for us to see how they handled.

The Convair F/ A-201 was the proposal put forward by Convair under the designation COnvair 201. It was based on an earlier proposal for an “Advanced F-106”. It was designed with a single Pratt & Whitney JTF22A-30A/F100-PW-220 engine and its most striking feature was the inclusion of canard fins.

There were to be both land-based and carrier-based aircraft. Also they proposed to make a VSTOL version with two lift engines and a vectored nozzle for the main one. In another first, this aircraft was designed with a fly-by-wire system to help control it

In 1975 the U.S. Navy decided to select a derivative of the YF-17, the loser of the U.S: Air Force Lightweight Fighter (LWF) Aircraft competition which resulted in the F-16. The YF-17 was converted into the F/A-18 Hornet and the Convair 201 proposal never went beyond the model stage.

The RAZBAM Convair F/A-201A Kestrel for FSX includes the following amazing features and innovative functions :

  • Highly detailed exterior and interior models,
  • Interior and Panel
  • Very comprehensive representation of cockpit systems which include:

    • AFCS (Autopilot)
    • Tactical Navigation Computer
    • Detailed and comprehensive navigation instruments
    • Faithfull representation of the HSI gauge
    • Radar with up to 5 modes representations within FSX limits(Air Intercept, Airt-to-Ground Tracking, Ground Map with 2 modes and Nav Beacon mode)
    • A 1st generation LED based MFD with several modes, allowing a complete control of the aircraft.
    • Armament panel, with working armament stations, selection, weapon delivery modes , quantity selection in 2 different modes select the amount of ordance to fall per trigger switch, and then again, you can select the amount AND make them fall in pairs or single sequences
    • Detailed representation of the aircraft s HUD.
    • Detailed electrical and hydraulic systems and panels
    • Detailed fuel panel
    • Detailed cockpit and exterior lights
    • Detailed Armament Station Control Unit (ASCU)
    • Accurate weapon loadouts controlled by the ASCU

  • Exterior features. Highly detailed exterior representation of F/A-201A which include:
    • Working carrier catapult shuttle
    • Working Tail hook
    • Accurate external loadouts controled by the ASCU
    • Dropable ordnance in free flights with multiple ordnance release options
    • Working 20 mm M61 Vulcan Cannon.
    • Missiles and rockets can be launched (although they are not guided).
    • Accurate aircraft lights
    • Accurate and highly detailed paint schemes.
  • Paint Schemes
    • VF-31 Tomcatters
    • VF-84 Jolly Rogers
    • VF-111 Sundowners
    • VF-161 Chargers
    • VFA-86 Sidewinders
    • VF-102 Diamondbacks
    • VMFA-232 Red Devils
    • VMFA-232 Red Devils
    • F/A-201J "Ryuu" JASDF 83rd Air Wing (Okinawa)
  • Extensive documentation and Manual in PDF format