FSX Mission FA/18

FSX Mission FA/18

FSX Mission FA/18

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For the first time in FSX smart tracking weapons such as sidewinder missiles and smart bombs are used  in this intense FSX combat simulator addon. You will fly the acceleration F-18 in everything from Top Gun school to actuals in the persian gulf against hostile migs.

Just like in the movies you will get (Tone) on an AI drone or a mig in actual combat where you have the opportunity to fire a sidewinder missile. If your flying skills are up to par and you hold tone and fire you will see the missile track the AI drone or mig and hit it and explode it for the kill. Even in hard bank and turns and pitch the missile will follow the AI to the kill. The migs can also shoot you down if you get into their kill zone.

Also included are smart bombs like seen in the news reels where they track with crosshairs downward to the target for the pilot to confirm the kill. Teams on the ground will guide you in to hardened targets and you will get code to drop your bomb. Top gun school. Take on 3 phases of remote controled AI drones from beginner to expert where you will learn how to get on a tail and get tone.

Smart bomb missions include realistic scenarios where you are directed over a target by ground teams and you recieve sattelite code and your bomb flys downward into the target by GPS all as you monitor it by a TV screen to confirm the target kill. Other missions include KC 135 tanker air to air fueling. Master your flying skills by parking your F18 behind one of these to get gas. Do not mess up because if you run into the tanker you and the tanker end up in a big ball of fire in the sky.

Side shows are Abrams tank missions in Battle tank. Drive an Abrams tank in the desert warfare and meet head on with t-45 tanks. Multiplayer is aslo included with everything from mig missions to carrier traps to top gun school where you go head to tail with another player to get tone just like top gun movie. And yes a screensaver is included..called shock and awe.. watch as the bombs do their thing on verified targets.

Some of the missions

Description="Beginner drone training at TOP GUN School,Fallon NAS. Simply get on the tail of the easy flying drone and attempt to get (Tone) missile lock. When you do get tone fire the missile (Shift+D) by default. Please re-map this key to your joystick trigger or to the spacebar.. Look for (Release droppable objects) in your FSX controls and change it for hands on flying. You must be in (Tone) mode to be able to hit the drone. You will get a txt message and an audio when you get tone. "

Description="Expert drone training at TOP GUN School,Fallon NAS. This time get on the tail of the (Extreme aggressive) flying drone and attempt to get (Tone) missile lock.All your best flying skills apply here. (TIP) -- Watch the compass to constantly read the elevation of the drone in comparison to your elevation and audjust flight to track the drone."

Description="You are Vapor 7 F-18 hornet pilot in location on carrier in Persian gulf. Operations are tense as rouge migs test the area. Today orders are to answer the migs bluff. The carrier is buzzed by 3 migs and your orders are to take them down. The carriers are no longer risking political correctness and takeing chances on getting hit. Take out those migs with extreem prejudice!!!"

Description="NIGHT VISION REQUIRED..see doc --SHOCK-N_AWE... You participate in the bombing of 2 targets.. one may be the dictator himself on his yahct"

Description="CARRIER OPS DAY PERSIAN GULF..Fly continuous loops with LSO command"

Description="Location: Persian gulf. You are on approach to a KC-135 fuel tanker to re-fuel to continue your Persian gulf patrol. Use all your flying skills to get the nose of your plane on the center fuel pod for 7 seconds to refuel.In this Expert exercise you will need to hover your aircraft right at the center refuel basket for 7 seconds.Take note-This one is tough and is like for real.If you run into the tanker it is (GAME OVER) millions of taxpayers dollars and crews lives end up in a big fireball and of course you too are gone. Good luck pilot"

Description="SIDESHOW--- (NIGHT VISION REQUIRED--see the doc for the freeware download) Take part in an Abrams tank battle in the desert.. You must take out 7 enemy tanks before any of them overun the lines. To fire gun.. Tank must be moving forward-- press (Shift+D by default) Please change this key in your controls/buttons/release droppable objects to your joystick trigger for hands on shooting and driving.. TO DRIVE THE TANK.. F4 for full throttle..Use the rudder keys to steer (INS-ENTER) keys..Press the numpad (5) key to center tank as needed"

Some of the multiplayer missions

Description="TOP GUN MP AT FALLON NAS.. (2 PLAYERS)  Go head to tail and get missile tone on each other.. press (Shift+D) by default when you get tone to fire simulated missile.. Please re map this key in controls/buttons/release droppable objects to your joystick trigger.. Tones are activated at 1500 ft (Above hard deck) Below 1500 ft is the safe zone and tones are deactivated."

Description="CARRIER OPS NIGHT MULTIPLAYER PERSIAN GULF(4 PLAYERS)..Fly continuous loops with LSO command.. Night vision recommended..see doc for freeware link"

Description="Multiplayer mission of KC-135 Refueler.Meet and refuel around the arrow pointer.The host actually flys the tanker in this version.There are 7 slots available for F18s and one for the host in the tanker.You must have Acceleration installed..FOR HOST-- go to views and select the Boom view.It is best to not try and fly the tanker but let it fly it self"

An installer is included for easy installation. And an uninstaller is included for easy removal

Requires Acceleration Expansion or FSX Gold to be installed.