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FS Global ULTIMATE - Asia/Oceania

FS Global ULTIMATE - Asia/Oceania

FS Global ULTIMATE - Asia/Oceania

FS Global ULTIMATE - Asia/Oceania

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The ultimate scenery upgrade: Six high-capacity DVD-ROMs with 40 GB of mesh terrain data, bringing newest mesh technology to Flight Simulator X. Now with EVEN MORE DETAIL than any previous edition!

Over 40 GB of new terrain data provides over 250 times more detail for Asia and Oceania in your Flight Simulator world!

If you are looking to make your Flight Simulator experience a more dramatic affair, then this is the only product that delivers pretty much what you expect! Six high-capacity DVD-ROMs provide the very latest data in breathtaking quality. 

So just what difference can you expect?

While the standard scenery in the Flight Simulator world is rendered with elevation points a massive 1.2km apart, FS Global Ultimate provides new mesh terrain with points only 5m(!) to 76m apart – that’s 250 times more detail than the default!

No longer will your favorite flying areas appear a poor representation of real life – now mountains soar and valleys plunge as they should. Even coastlines and rolling hills will be more lifelike making every flight, wherever you are in the world, a genuine delight.

VFR or IFR – every flight will be a new experience…

With the upgraded world available you’ll want to jump back and fly VFR and discover the beauty of the virtual world in ever changing shapes and contours during hundreds of hours of exploration flights – be it the Alps, High Tatra, Pyrenees, Kilimanjaro or simply your own backyard! Or if you prefer IFR flying, you will see breathtakingly real looking landscapes en-route. Make sure to tweak Flight Simulator using the tips in the included PDF manual for best experience!

FS Global Ultimate – an all new development

This latest edition in the best-selling FS Global series has been completely redesigned and is a vast improvement over all previous editions – whether you use it for either version of Flight Simulator.
The resolution has been increased and the used sourcedatasets have been completely changed. No more is this an SRTM product as it uses much better and more detailed sources.

A new utility is included that allows you to alter airport altitudes to fit in with the new more accurate terrain model provided where required.

ADDITIONAL ON DVD6: AFM - Aerodrome Flattening Meshes

With the installation of accurate and higher detailed mesh terrain can come some annoying quirks where airports appear elevated or sunk in to the surrounding terrain.
This problem is now solved!

24,000 micromeshes plus a sophisticated installation tool to conceal the annoying default airport altitudes. “Bathtub” and “Aircraft Carrier” airports will be a thing of the past using AFM. Easy to use and you can easily share airport group files with friends using the export function.

Why buy anything else? FS Global Ultimate gives you everything in one box. It is the most complete terrain upgrade available – ready to fly whenever you are in either Flight Simulator X

System Requirements

Windows 7, Vista or XP
Processor – 1.6GHz
Memory – 512Mb
Hard Drive – 40Gb
Video Card – 128Mb