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Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic FSX

Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic FSX

Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic FSX

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PUBLISHER Lionheart Creations (MORE)
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New from the studios of Lionheart Creations, the WT-9 Dynamic by Aerospool. This sleek composite sport plane is an extremely popular plane in Europe, found at most all flight schools. Its performance makes it a great cruiser for trips as well as a popular plane in flying clubs and flight schools. They are also a first choice for glider tow planes across Europe.

The styling of the WT-9 is very sleek and advanced, its airframe using the latest in composite construction technologies, its slippery design enabling it to attain good airspeed ranges yet sporting a very good fuel range.

This package features the radical new 'Unlimited' technology that allows us to make this model with an extremely high polygon count like that of FSX models, and also has bypassed the FS2004 '4MM Vertex proximity limit', so that now we can make elaborate small switches and controls throughout the aircraft with elaborate shapes, no longer requiring basic shapes for small objects. We call this new technology 'FS9 Unlimited'.

Instrument Panels

The Instrument Panel on the Dynamic was created from factory drawings of one of their model ranges, this one featuring the Dynon D-100 and the AvMap GPS system and full battery of analog gauges. Features of this plane package include;

  • High detail Dynon D-100 PFD screen with sub-menu systems and full in-system adjustments and settable and removeable elements from the main screen and popup HSI with detailed flight data, wind direction, flight plan status, etc.
  • HS34 sister unit to the D-100; Adjuster knobs for heading, Localizer, and AP ALT. settings. (Easier to manage with knobs then menu-button selections).
  • High Functionality Garmin SL-30 Radio with many many features and functions
  • High Functionality Garmin GTX-375 Transponder
  • FlyBox Prop Pitch Management Computer that can set engine RPM and Pitch automatically. User Friendly.
  • Soft night lighting without a dome light for cool, realistic night flights. 
  • 'IN' aircraft Owners Flight Manual. This enables you to read up on the plane 'in' the aircraft. 40 pages. 
  • Fuel Flow Management Computer with the fixed gear Dynamic. 
  • Hideable plexi in the canopy structure of the Dynamics in FSX for those bothered with inner plexi tinting and reflections.

Special Features

  • Viewable high detail Rotax 112 UL engine complete with Ducati high performance ignition module and 2 stroke oil resevoir 
  • Selectable Wing Types (with or without Winglets) from 'in' the actual aircraft (flip a switch, the wings change). 
  • Selectable Fuselage Types (with or without rear windows) from 'in' the actual aircraft (flip a switch, the wings change). 
  • Selectable Pilot Loadouts (in FS2004 only) with male, female, or couple pilots, or non-laden, from 'within' the aircraft... 
  • Detachable wings to see what the plane looks like when its about to be transported or stored for the winter. 
  • Cool small vent windows that have loud air noise when you slide them open. 
  • Sound effects through out for all switches and levers. 


  • Multiple pilots; Male, Female. The FS2004 model also has 'couple' loadout.
  • Complete high detail Virtual Cockpit with many popup panels and instruments
  • Metric Aux. Instruments (3) for European pilots; actual Winter German gauges
  • High detail Dynon D-100 PFD electronic screen flight system with sub menu's and various selections and settings created exactly like the real Dynon D-100. Also comes with the HS34 companion 'control' unit for D-100 HDG, CRS, and ALT
  • FlyBox Prop Pitch Management Computer (easy to use and explained how it is worked in the manual).
  • Comes with both versions of Retractable and Fixed Landing Gear; RG & FG.
  • AVMap GPS Screen with HSI readout and various GPS Functions. This is not a fully functioning GPS. The stock FS GPS 500 unit comes with the popup list for programming Direct To flights, etc. 
  • FS2004 model is the newest in FS9 technology; Unlimited Export. Where older FS9 models were restricted to Vertices being 4MM apart and no less, and a maximum of 65,000 Polygons for the entire model, this now features extremely precise small parts and sports 564,000 Polygons! 
  • High detail Rotax 112UL Engine with remove-cowling command 
  • Detachable wings 
  • Selectable Wings; with or without wingtips 
  • Selectable fuselages; with or without rear windows 
  • Prop Mittens for keeping the prop safe after shutdown for storage 
  • Park Mode with wheel chauks. Luggage is also deployable 
  • Opening window vents with sound effects of wind 
  • LHC added Auto Pilot for those that love sight seeing 
  • Several paint schemes with several featuring metallic paint 
  • Wild STOL like flight capabilities that enable short field take-offs and fast, agile landings.
  • Cruise airspeeds for the RG is 136 Knots; for the FG is 120 Knots (5200 RPM) 

Current Build is V1.3 and includes installer for Prepar3D