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Bucker Bu 181 Bestmann/Grunau Baby Glider Dual Pack

Bucker Bu 181 Bestmann/Grunau Baby Glider Dual Pack

Bucker Bu 181 Bestmann/Grunau Baby Glider Dual Pack

Bucker Bu 1B1 Bestmann/Grunau Baby Glider Dual Pack

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PUBLISHER Lionheart Creations (MORE)
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Bucker Bu 1B1 Bestmann

This is the Bucker Bu-181 'Bestmann', the famous trainer of the Luftwaffe. Featuring a two seat, fully enclosed cockpit and composite wood wing construction that yieled a smooth laminar airflow, the Bucker with its Hirth straight four engine was capable of aerobatic maneuvers. With the landing gear layout as narrow as it was, this light aircraft simulated some of the conditions aquainted with the Messerschmitt Me-109.

The airfiles will let you feel the lite-ness of controls, agility, and realistic handling of the famed two seat trainer. The soundpack, by Aaron Swindel, is absolutely brilliant and boasts the sputtery little Hirth engine with precision.

This package also features the world famous Grunau Baby II German glider by Schwezier Gleiters group. This was also the glider trainer of choice by the Luftwaffe, giving new pilots their first taste of flight. The Grunau was such a successful and well engineered design that even today, these gliders can still be found around the world, soaring the skies, as well as in many famous Museums.

Grunau Baby Glider

This is the incredible, yet simplistic Grunau Baby II glider. If you have never really been interested in gliding, you should take this bird up. You will be moderately impressed by the glide ratio at which she glides. This package also features a glider port on the side of a mountain overlooking Freiburg Germany, where several up-hill thermans are. You will be able to climb and climb, lapping through the uphill drafts.

The Grunau Baby II glider features all working control surfaces, animated pilot, illuminated 3 dimensional projected instruments, a 2D panel, realistic texture mapping, and 3 texture packs.

There is also a variant which includes a 'Bucker Glider Tow Plane' in which you can realistically climb to altitude with your tow plane, at which you then shut off the tow plane and begin your soaring session.

The scenery features several Glider storage hangers, an old German lookout tower that is converted to a control tower, and several static Grunau Gliders about the airfield.