Ryan ST

Ryan ST

Ryan ST

Ryan ST

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PUBLISHER Golden Age Simulations (MORE)
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The Ryan STs were a series of two seat, low-wing monoplane aircraft built by the Ryan Aeronautical Company and first flown June 8 1934. They were used as sport aircraft, as well as trainers by flying schools and the military of several countries.  Three versions of the Model ST are included in this package.

ST-A: Included are three liveries, The Sportsman, classic polished aluminum, the YP-16 military evaluation prototype and the Custom Classics livery used in the release of Bill Lyons ST package for FS 2002 and 2004. 

STM-S2: float plane variant with three liveries: The Royal Dutch Navy, a Custom Classics paint scheme and a care-worn Bush Plane as one might find flying on the edge of civilization and the reach of the FAA

ST-A Special “Super 200”: The experimental “Super 200” which replaced the Menasco with the Fairchild Ranger 440L 6 cylinder engine; used most notable to power the PT-19.  This version comes with the livery flown by John Gosney in the 1960’s and an additional show plane livery.


  • Detailed, fully animated, models featuring bump mapping, alpha, and dynamic shine; VC shadowing enabled.
  • Detailed dual fully animated VC cockpits.  The ST-A and STM-S2; aircraft can be flown from either position.  The ST-A Super 200 is a single seat model
  • 2 gauge sets: weathered and standard with the following instruments: altimeter, tachometer, compass, air speed indicator, oil temperate gauge, fuel pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge and vertical speed indicator.  The ST-M 
  • ST-A Special have manifold pressure gauge installed.
  • 3 panel styles: sport, custom, and military 
  • Hi-resolution 2048 x 2048 textures; 8 aircraft liveries included
  • All models are equipped with a battery, electric start, cockpit lighting, emissive gauge lighting, and navigation lights 
  • Accurate flight dynamics based upon Ryan specifications
  • Custom sound file
  • SimCons to display GPS, Radio, Map, Kneeboard, and ATC are located in the map case to the right of the rear pilot’s position in all models.  Left mouse click to opens and closes case.  
  • For those that wish a nostalgic return to simpler days, a 2D panel is provided.  It is the exact same one used in the Custom Classics ST package for FS 2002 and 2004. (With permission from the developer)
  • Pilots Operating Handbook and Checklist

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