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Angle Of Attack MD-11 Training

Angle Of Attack MD-11 Training

Angle Of Attack MD-11 Training

Angle Of Attack MD-11 Training

PUBLISHER Angle Of Attack (MORE)
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Price: $49.99

Remember those old flight simulators you first used? They sure were fun – and they were easy, too, because all you had to manage was a joystick (in most cases a keypad!).

Don’t worry – we loved them just as much as you did.

But like us, you started wanting more. You started wondering what it’s like to fly a real plane, and you left the kids’ stuff behind.

You fed your curiosity until it became a passion – one that used to require hours of studying books and tech manuals to understand an aircraft. Pretty boring stuff (and not very effective) compared to the thrill of sim flight!

Structured, Professional Flights

You’ve grown into a much more sophisticated pilot, and these days (even though games are still fun sometimes, too), you want a more engaging experience.

And as you know, technology’s come a long way; the latest software affords you complete control over ultra-realistic virtual aircraft in a virtual world often mistaken for the real thing.

So what’s the difference between these modern flightsims and those old keyboard driven games that were little more than a horizon and a runway? What keeps you coming back? Flight sims guarantee long-term fun.

Perfect Control and Absolute Realism

The thrill of executing a perfect flight, from real-world takeoff point to real-world destination landing with precision control, can’t be beat.

You already know that modern aircraft are complex, machines. If you’ve flown other sims before, you probably noticed the MD-11’s operating systems and procedures are very different from other aircraft.

Flying one is a very distinctive experience from other models you may have flown. You’ll develop complete confidence – and of course, the skills and knowledge you need to achieve absolute, precision control over your virtual aircraft through the “AoA: MD-11” video training program

Whether You’re a New or Seasoned Pilot…

You’ll learn everything you need to master your MD-11 in this 11-hour video training program.

Practiced expertise and knowledge – the ability to plan and execute a perfect flight from start to finish – is what separates the serious sim pilots from guys who just like to play video games.

Even if you’re comfortable with Boeing or Airbus aircraft, you’ll need to update your repertoire to master the MD-11, because its novel operation throws everyone for a loop.

AoA’s Md11 Training Will Refine Your Performance Dramatically

Since your training is available 24/7 online, as well as for instant download, we’re able to dynamically update and refine it in collaboration with our expert community.

With AoA, you’re taking advantage of the accumulated wisdom and experience of dozens of real-world pilots – people who fly for a living, every day. Pilots know their planes better than anybody – even the engineers who build them.

You’ve already got one of the world’s most advanced, heart-poundingly realistic flight sims – now it’s time to learn to fly it exactly like a real plane.

What’s Involved In Aoa’s Md11 End-to-end Flight Training?

Flights. Lots of flights! The best way to learn is to fly, because you can’t get the skills you need with your feet on the ground. It’s like learning a sport: you can read whatever you like, but to develop expert-level ability you need to get onto the field… and put your skills to the test.


Angle of Attack’s MD-11 Training is divided into 3 sequential phases, designed to help you achieve perfect control, from pre-flight planning and aircraft initialization to successful touchdown and disembarkation.

  • Getting Started
  • Procedures
  • Total Control


Ground Prep 

Since you own your aircraft, you’re able to customize every display and option to – even the behind-the-scenes stuff. These options are usually chosen by the airline; and now, that’s you: total control.

Learn to set everything up the real way – from scratch. You’ll bring your aircraft alive from the dark, quiet flight deck (instead of loading it up ready to fly).

You’ll be MD-11-fluent in no time. Complete understanding is essential for perfect flight later.

During the first phase you will:

  • Set up your aircraft from end to end, exactly the way you like it
  • Bring flight deck control systems online from scratch
  • Develop familiarity in managing MD-11 operation and procedures


Often, handling your aircraft on the ground is even more dangerous than in the air. You need to know exactly how to manage ground operations if you want to make it to the runway safely, let alone get airborne.

First, you’ll focus on effecting proper runway crossings, taxiing with calculated precision, overcoming low-visibility conditions and handling runway incursion situations.

Next, you’ll practice standard takeoff – you’ll be doing this often, of course, and although you’ll learn emergency procedures later in the course, you’ll take off normally more often than not.

During the second phase phase you will:

  • Understand the importance and intricacies of ground ops and charts
  • Master 3 takeoff abort techniques and 7 unique approach styles
  • Handle low-viz taxiing, runway incursions and cold weather procedures


Begin each flight with proper charts and performance paperwork (included), then move into detailed preflight procedures: managing fuel and payload, weight and balance, route planning and flight performance data.

Three complete flights:

  • London to Palma de Mallorca
  • Anchorage to Memphis
  • Honolulu to Sydney

During the third phase you will:

  • Execute precision control from gate to gate
  • Apply, expand and refine everything you’ve learned so far
  • Demonstrate total control as you undertake 3 complete flights

Added Bonuses


  • Planning files – flight paperwork, checklists, charts and more. Print these out and use them throughout your career for the ultimate real-world planning experience.
  • Follow-along files – these flightsim setup guides show you how to start your own procedures exactly where (and how) your training videos begin.
  • Camera control guide – master your sim’s camera operation to get incredibly beautiful views. Now you can enjoy your flights from every angle.
  • FACTS and AIRBAG worksheet – an incredibly useful, printable PDF tracking sheet for this important info (you’ll learn more about this in your training).
  • Custom profiles and presets – simple setup for the gorgeously realistic head-tracking & camera-effects programs you see in action throughout “AoA MD-11”.
Angle of Attack will create your login for you within 24 hours after you sign up for the training. An email will be sent with your Username and Password at that time. Any support requests should be sent to
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