FS2Crew: Emergency NGX!

FS2Crew: Emergency NGX!

FS2Crew: Emergency NGX!

FS2Crew: Emergency NGX!

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EMERGENCY NGX! is an expansion pack for existing FS2Crew: PMDG 737 NGX owners.

It adds many of the non-normal events and procedures (ie., engine failures, tail strikes, window overheats, etc), listed in the 737 QRH (Quick Reference Handbook) to the current FS2Crew NGX simulation.

In the program, the end-user is the Captain and Pilot Flying, and the non-normals are modelled from his/her perspective. 

In addition to updating your core FS2Crew NGX software to Version 2.0, Emergency NGX! also ships with extra First Officer voice sets, which can be used for regular A to B flights that do not involve failures.

Even if you are not interested in failures, the extra voice sets add new life into your current FS2Crew NGX product.

Note that the "failures" only work with the new Australian voice set. 

New "First Officer" Voice Sets:

  • United States Female
  • German Male
  • French Male
  • Australian Male
  • Korean Female
  • Spanish Male
  • Italian Male

Important note for "Button Control" users.

Non-Normal procedures are only modelled in the "Voice Control" version.

However, "Button Control" users can still make use of the new First Officer accents listed above that are included in Emergency NGX! 

Failures Modeled from the QRH:

  • Aborted Engine Start
  • APU Fault
  • APU Fire
  • Bleed Trip Off
  • Cabin Altitude Warning or Rapid Depressurization
  • Cargo Fire
  • Drive
  • EEC Alternate Mode
  • Emergency Descent
  • Engine Failure or Shutdown
  • Engine Fire of Severe Damage
  • Engine in Flight Start
  • Evacuation
  • Hydraulic Pump Overheat
  • Loss of Hydraulic System A
  • Loss of Hydraulic System B
  • Off Schedule Descent
  • One Engine Inoperative Landing
  • Partial or All Gear Up Landing
  • Probe Heat
  • Reverser
  • Standby Power Off
  • Tailstrke
  • TR Unit
  • Transfer Bus Off
  • Window Overheat 


1. Legal copy of FS2Crew: PMDG 737 NGX Captains Set or FS2Crew: PMDG 737 Special Bundle Pack installed.