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Aircraft Design Guide Book 2 - Modeling The Exterior

Aircraft Design Guide Book 2 - Modeling The Exterior

Aircraft Design Guide Book 2 - Modeling The Exterior

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PUBLISHER Abacus Publishing  (MORE)
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Compatible With: FSX (Intended for use with FS Design Studio v3.5)

This is the second book in the Aircraft Design Guide series. This book will show you how to create primitive parts and shape them into the parts you need to model an aircraft. Some of the techniques used in this bookinclude:

  • Scaling parts larger and smaller
  • Using Constraints to move and rotate parts only in certain directions
  • Editing cross sections
  • Copying cross sections to a Template
  • Conforming cross sections to a Template
  • Selecting points
  • Deleting points
  • Duplicating parts
  • Duplicating work on the opposite side of the design
  • Much more…
  • The basics in this book are to show you how to do use the tools, modes and menus of FS Design Studio to create an aircraft.

Other Books in the Aircraft Design Guide series include:

  • Book 1: FS Design Studio Basics
  • Book 3: The Boolean Operation
  • Book 4: Aircraft Animation
  • Book 5: Texturing the Model
  • Book 6: Creating the Virtual Cockpit

Table of Contents - 190 pages Chapter 1 Creating the Fuselage

  • Making a Tube
  • Adjusting the Tube to Match the Backdrop
  • Scaling
  • Constraints
  • Cross Sections
  • Symmetry
  • Copy and Conform cross sections To Template

Chapter 2 Creating the Wing

  • Wing Wizard
  • Clearing Templates
  • Creating a Template
  • Airfoil Specifications
  • Adjusting the Wing
  • Duplicating the Wing Work on the Other Side
  • Smoothing the Wings

Chapter 3 Creating the Tail

  • Horizontal Stabilizer
  • Extruding a Template
  • Vertical Stabilizer
  • Rotating the Part

Chapter 4 Creating the Prop

  • Creating a Polygon to From Points
  • Selecting Points
  • Creating the Prop Spinner
  • Making the Prop Disk
  • Rotating Using the Menu
  • Creating the Prop Blades

Chapter 5 Compiling the Model

  • Flight Model Selection
  • New Aircraft Specifications

Chapter 6 Creating the Landing Gear

  • Creating the Tires
  • Creating the Struts and Shock System
  • Creating the Scissor Hinges
  • Duplicating the Gear on the Other Side
  • Creating the Tire Shroud
  • Selecting and Deleting Points
  • Inverting A Part
  • Joining Parts
  • Finishing the Rear Gear
  • Compiling the Model Again

For FSX.