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FS Instant Help For FSX/FS2004

FS Instant Help For FSX/FS2004

FS Instant Help For FSX/FS2004

FS Instant Help For FSX/FS2004

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FS Instant Help brings instant spoken help you can use immediately while flying the simulated skies in Flight Simulator X or 2004.

This is based on the "Just help me - please!" idea that we could all use from time to time.

FS Instant Help adds a whole new level of fun and learning to your flights with Flight Simulator.

You hear and see help and tips for controls, instruments and switches immediately while you are flying!

Do you ever think you could use some help up there in the Simulated Skies? FS Instant Help is ready to help you get familiar with those switches, dials, buttons etc that seem to fill the cockpit and flight deck.

Get ready for help with... autobrakes, ADF, gear, flaps, throttles, each of your lights, alternator, pitot heat, avionics, headings, pumps, carb heat, anti-ice, flight director, autopilot functions, MCP functions, autothrottle, altimeter, COM radios, NAV radios, crossfeeds, tank selectors, OBS, NAV/GPS, no smoking, seat belts, spoilers, speed brakes, transponder, yaw damper, TOGA power, thrust reversers... and a whole lot more!

Sit back and enjoy as you hear the voice of a friendly instructor who explains the role of the device you operated, immediately, in real time, with optional text captions so you can read the advice too.

Once you operate a device, you won't hear the explanation again for a while: this is to avoid repetition when, for example, turning a device on and off.

If you prefer, you can turn off the voice completely and just retain the text captions for reference during your flights. Alternatively, you can turn off the captions and just listen to the voice of the instructor.

Configure FS Instant Help the way you want it!

What's more, we realize that sometimes things get a little tricky up there and this is where FS Instant Help can help you get things back under control. In addition to explaining the role of switches etc, your talking instructor will let you know if something serious has happened, or will happen... and give you tips on what to do.

FS Instant Help might just save that aircraft!

Plus - the route of every flight you make can be saved permanently for viewing and sharing with Google Maps!