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If you are the type of simmer that likes Autogen objects in your scenery world (trees and houses etc) and already own some VFR photoscenery from Just Flight, PlaySims Horizon VFR Scenery etc, then this add-on might be the one you need to add some object depth to the scenery...

Revolution-X injects a comprehensive Autogen layer into FSX on top of photographic scenery such as Just Flight's VFR Real Scenery add-ons, placing millions of buildings, trees and hedgerows in their real-world locations across England, Scotland and Wales.

With its own 3D Night Lighting system, which even includes changing traffic lights for added realism, you now have the perfect complement to make photorealistic scenery look great at every altitude from the ground up!

Do you have Just Flight VFR Real Scenery, Playsims (Horizon) VFR Photographic Scenery or use TileProxy equivalent (FS Earth Tiles / Map2bgl) but miss seeing 3D features like houses, buildings, churches, woods, hedgerows and custom night lighting? Revolution-X is the answer!

Revolution-X uses ground-breaking new technological processes to inject a comprehensive Autogen layer into FSX, placing millions of houses, buildings, churches, trees and hedgerows in their real-world locations across England, Scotland and Wales. So, for the first time in FSX, every village, town and city is fully formed with its real-life streets and estates, and woods and hedgerows tracing the edges of real-life fields and the contours of the land.

Revolution-X also includes its own 3D Night Lighting system, developed from scratch using a revolutionary new design technique for optimised performance which provides breathtaking illumination effects across the whole terrain.

For the first time, sequenced traffic lights change from red to amber to green at junctions and roundabouts, and millions of 3D light objects appear, not only along major roads but also mapped to individual houses and buildings, wherever they may be. On the horizon, cities, towns, and villages sparkle into view with hundreds of lamps and streetlights.

Along the coast, and deep in the countryside, the outdoor lamps of isolated farm houses and hilltop cottages twinkle through the trees as you pass overhead, all rendered in a variety of shades to reproduce the many different types of fluorescent and electric lights in the real world.

The result is a complete and realistic recreation of England, Scotland and Wales at any time of day or night, and at any altitude from ground level up.

See the Extended Description section below for more details!

Designed to work with certain photo-scenery installed within Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Revolution-X doesn't contain any photo imagery. Rather, it instructs FSX where to place millions of generic FSX 3D objects (houses, buildings, churches, woodland, and lights) according to their real world locations, on top of existing installed photographic scenery and so is compatible with the following:

  • Just Flight VFR Real Scenery
  • Playsims (Horizon Simulation) VFR Photographic Scenery
  • TileProxy or equivalent (FS Earth Tiles / Map2bgl)

Revolution-X should also work alongside other scenery add-ons (when those are given a higher scenery priority within the FSX settings) so you should not lose any of your additional airport and area add-ons that you may have installed.

All of the default original non-autogen FSX objects such as Canary Wharf, Houses of Parliament and so forth in London and in other locations will still be visible alongside the millions of generic houses and buildings that Revolution-X places.