B-58 Hustler (FSX)

B-58 Hustler (FSX)

B-58 Hustler (FSX)

B-58 Hustler

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Convair’s B-58 Hustler is the sleekest, sexiest bomber to emerge from the Cold War era. While the aircraft never saw combat, its high performance was an effective deterrent to the Soviet threat. A delta-wing design with four under wing engines, this aircraft’s imposing appearance had as much effect on the design of American cars through the 1960’s, which sprouted fins with alarming regularity as an homage to the coming of the jet age. The Hustler was very sophisticated for it's time and was the fastest strategic bomber on the planet. Contrary to popular belief the Hustler was relatively straight forward to fly so long as it was flown within it's limits.

It entered service in 1960, and served just ten years, with the last aircraft being mothballed in 1970. Five short years later, all stored B-58 Hustlers were sold for scrap, marking the end the line for a short-lived but glorious part of USAF history.

Models and Textures

6 unique models and 10 texture sets

  • B-58A, “Super Sue”, 6592nd TS, Edwards AFB
  • B-58A, 59-2053, “Flying 2”, 305th BW, 2nd AF
  • B-58A, 59-2453, “Top Cat”, 43rd BW, Little Rock AFB
  • B-58A, 59-2429, "The Pulaski Hustler", 43rd BW, Little Rock AFB
  • B-58A, 55-0665, “Snoopy” Missile Testbed
  • B-58A, 55-662, ARDC, Edwards AFB
  • B-58A, Project Bullseye (official, but never used Southeast Asia camouflage over black scheme)
  • TB-58A, 55-0660, 'A' model converted to Trainer
  • TB-58A, 55-0670, Prototype
  • XB-58A, 55-0660, Prototype B-58


  • FSX Native models
  • Soundset included
  • Detailed virtual cockpit with night lighting, animations and smooth 3D modelled gauges
  • Fuel Management including CoG and fuel dump
  • Animated crew entry hatches (shift-e, 1, 2, 3)
  • Multiple Pod configurations, Air Launched Ballistic Missile (ALBM) test bed, J93 Engine Test Bed
  • Animated braking chute on Alpha and Beta values
  • Animated engine turbines
  • Animated engine nozzle petals
  • Automatic control surfaces droop after engine shutdown
  • Automatic moving intake spikes (Mach 1.42+)
  • Automatic afterburner flames, smoke effect and vapour (when below 2,000 feet)
  • High detail undercarriage with realistic retraction sequence
  • Realistic reflective hi-res bare-metal textures with bump, specular and reflectivity maps 
  • DX10 Preview mode compatible
  • Highly authentic flight model with illustrated checklist