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Virtavia SP-5B Martin Marlin

Virtavia SP-5B Martin Marlin

Virtavia SP-5B Martin Marlin

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World's Best Price on this new release historic military aircraft from Virtavia - the Martin Marlin SP-5B. If you are looking for a unique aircraft from the World War II era of aviation that can also land on water, then the Virtavia Martin Marlin might fit the bill well, and that bill will be lower when you buy from PC Aviator.

The Martin Marlin traces its origins back to the PBM-3 Mariner developed by the same company. Late in World War II, the underpowered PBM-3 was upgraded with better engines to become the PBM-5, but it was clear that a better design was needed for the post-war era.

The Mariner's successor first flew as the XP5M-1 prototype in May, 1948 and went into full production as the P5M-1 in 1953. Delivery of the T-tail P5M-2 started in April 1954. The -2 also had a reconfigured bow and more powerful engines.

Production of the P5M-2 (later designated SP-5B) ended in late 1960 with 103 going to the Navy, 4 to the USCG and 10 to the French Navy.

The Marlin excelled in the all-weather ASW role and stayed in service until 6 November, 1967.

SP-5B Features:

  • Very high-quality, native FSX interior (cockpit) and exterior models.
  • Six finely-detailed 2048-pixel liveries:
    • 135516, VP-40, USN, c.1956
    • 5502, VP-40, USN, c.1962
    • 7931, VP-3, USN, c.1962
    • 5542, VP-48, USN, c.1957
    • 1318, USCG, c.1960
    • '5', 27.F, Aéronavale, c.1959
  • Accurate virtual cockpit with authentic gauges, controls and custom animations.
  • Animated hydro flaps, crew doors/hatches, nacelle doors and crew figures. 
  • Togglable beaching gear.
  • Water spray effect on take-off.
  • Custom engine start-up smoke effect.
  • Togglable realistic crew figures with period flight gear.
  • Animated, featherable propeller blades.
  • Illustrated user manual in PDF format.
  • Period radial engine soundset.
  • PhotoShop paintkit files provided.
  • Note - NO 2D panel is provided.

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