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Velocity XL RG

Velocity XL RG

  • FSX SP2 or ACC / FSX:SE / P3D All versions

Velocity XL RG


Velocity XL RG

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Here's something a little different for the virtual pilot that "has it all". This unique aircraft will provide a fun and challenging virtual aviation experience that is anything but ordinary. Buy and download now immediately after purchase.

The Velocity XL RG is an American amateur-built aircraft, produced by velocity, Inc.

The XL RG is an enlarged version of the SE canard pusher with retractable landing gear and powered typically by a Continental TSIO-550-C 310 HP with a gross weight of 2,700 pounds. 150 have been completed and flown since 2011.

Flysimware's model comes with a custom G1000 PFD, MFD and remote system which includes features like engine displays, brightness controls to Gallons used information.

We have included a full auto pilot system with VNAV that is close to real world operations making the autopilot system complete with every function available for use.

Realistic gear operation, amazing night light effects along with new landing lights and several ways to use night lighting in the cockpit. Although we point our aircraft to a default sound pack these models have a bonus sound module adding virtual cockpit sounds to environment effects. Textures size 2048 for paint themes to HD gauges.

These models are designed to mimic real world operations and use real specs for flight dynamics.

We have included 2D panels for the G1000 screens, specs, features and a service hanger to repair / refuel change pilot modes or night lighting incase you can't find a light switch.

A new feature is a prop scrape effect and gear up landing ability for emergency's landings. After you destroy your engine from a prop scrape use the repair hanger to install a new engine and prop since this one is now bent. And of course an engine hours gauge to track your flight hours from the day you install this amazing model.

Make room in your private hanger since this model will bring you many years of entertainment to some practical real world flight simulation.

Velocity XL RG Features:

  • Real world specifications Installs to FSX , P3D V1, V2, V3
  • High quality 3D gauges
  • HD textures / World Reflections / Specular effects
  • Self shadowing effects for interior model when using (DX10 Preview)
  • Sound module for VC sounds and environment effects.
  • Custom XML coding for real world gauges and animations
  • Custom G1000 & Remote
  • High quality animated pilot with optional settings
  • 4 stage propeller effects
  • Prop scrape and gear up for prop damage effects
  • Prop Anti-Ice system / Pitot heater / Electronic Comfort Control System / CD Player

SOUNDS: Custom sound module for environment and interior sounds


PAINT THEMES: N77GP - Custom ; N72XL - Custom


  • FSX SP2 or ACC / FSX:SE / P3D All versions