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Flysimware MOSQUITO XE3

Flysimware MOSQUITO XE3

Flysimware MOSQUITO XE3

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The Mosquito is one of the worlds lightest manned Helicopter that has been designed and developed over the last 10 years to deliver performance, reliability and ease of flight. Flying the Mosquito will have you hooked right away and the visibility as good as a bird.
Flysimware's model was designed to mimic a real Moquito XE. We have included all standard gauges and features with a few upgrades. All moving parts are fully animated to mimic real world operations incluing a custom code for an accurate swashplate effect and a high quality bones animated pilot. Make room in your private hanger as this model will give you many years of enjoyment and helicopter knowledge.

The Mosquito airframe is a unibody construction made of high quality fiberglass in a vinylester matrix. Body and structure are also fiberglass to minimize weight and maximize structual efficiency.

The Mosquito XE3 has a Zanzottera MZ 301 3 cylinder 2 cycle Piston Engine with the highest power to weight ratio on the market today. The MZ 301 has a lower operating speed of 6000 rpm for less stress and overall reliability. The complete engine package only weighs 69 pounds and comes with a 180-watt alternator and electric starter. It's 85 HP can get you to a top speed of 90 MPH.

Power Train:
The primary reduction is bolted directly to the engine. A centrifugal clutch on the engine crankshaft permits startup of the engine without the load of the rotor.

Rotor System:
The main rotor is a semi-rigid configuration. Main rotor blades consist of an aluminum spar bonded to a wrapped aluminum sheet skin. Foam plugs at both ends prevent interior contamination and pumping losses. The tail rotor is also of a semi-rigid configuration with aluminum skin wrapped around a tube and foam plugs at either end. A 45 degree drag hinge is utilized to maintain tail rotor alignment.

Control Systems:
The control system is unique to the Mosquito. Main rotor control is achieved from the floor mounted joystick and collective through a control mixer in the base of the main mast, then through push tubes in the mast up to the base of the swash plate. The swash plate is contained within the mast and is supported by a push tube located in the rotor shaft. Control rods on either side of the push tube transmit inputs through the rotor shaft to the control lever on top of the rotor shaft and then down to the blade pitch horns through pitch links.The tail rotor is controlled by the foot pedals through a push pull cable to an actuating lever on the tail rotor shaft. 


  • Real world specifications
  • Installs to FSX , P3D V1 & V2
  • High quality 3D gauges
  • HD textures / World Reflections / Specular effects
  • Self shadowing effects for interior model (DX10 Preview)
  • Sound module for VC sounds and environment effects.
  • Custom XML coding for accurate syatems, gauges and animations
  • High quality bones animated pilot with optional settings 

Custom sound module for environment and interior sounds 



  • N-55FX - Custom
  • N-7755 - Custom
  • ZK-FXY- Custom 


  • FSX SP2 or ACC/FSX:SE/P3D All versions