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Learjet LJ24B (FSX+P3D)

Learjet LJ24B (FSX+P3D)

Learjet LJ24B (FSX+P3D)

SIZE (Mb) 560
PUBLISHER Lionheart Creations (MORE)
Price: $34.95
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Lionheart Creations offers the LJ24B add-on, based on the Learjet 24B aircraft from the real world of aviation. This was a popular aircraft in earlier versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator that has been omitted in more recent editions. Here is your chance to re-add this fantastic business and corporate jet to your virtual hangar. Buy and download it now from PC Aviator and start soaring the skies in luxury, and with speed!

This aircraft package is designed for FSX and Prepar3D Flight Simulators. (This will not work in X-Plane). Please note, this is an exotic addon package with much software coding and extreme (radical resolution) graphics. The intensity of resources needed might be too high on older, slower computers. Please make sure you can run a high end addon aircraft on your computer 'before' you purchase this plane.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need internet access for installation of this aircraft.

Born in the 1960's, this was the jet that would change the future of flying for executives, a new form of transportation that was extremely fast and affordable to the elite. These jets were born from the Swiss P-16 fighter bomber concept jet. William Lear purchased the design and converted it into a sleek business jet. This ultra-fast plane is capable of going into overspeed on a single engine. One incredibly powerful, fast, sleek, yet beautiful and inspiring jet, even today, far into the future.

The Lionheart Creations LJ24B is packaed full of neat features. From its rare fuel system with transfer controls, to its riveted airframe skins, to its elaborate instrument panel crammed full with instrumentation and switches, to its nice, leather clad rear cabin complete with either passengers or air freight.

The following are some of the features of the LHC LJ24B:

  • Ultra high resolution 4096 Graphics on exterior and some interior textures
  • Super detailed instrument panel with almost all gauges operational
  • New code technology feature hold down starter switches that flip upwards after startup for 'generator' charge mode
  • High detail interior features 3DS Max shading technology for subtle shading and highlights
  • Illuminated instrumentation and night glow panel from hood lights
  • Rear and forward cabin dome lights are on separate circuits, and the panel is also on its own light circuit switch as well.
  • Hide-able high detail passengers in rear cabin
  • Air Freight version LJ24B with cargo that can be hidden
  • 8 Paint schemes with various interior themes including a run hard Freighter, an original White with Red stripes factory variant with 1970's interior including shag carpet, and beautifully restored, updated, high end variants with modern interior treatments such as suede.
  • Engines illuminate with a nice glow in the back exhaust stacks and vary in brightness per engine load
  • Autopilot System that featured on/off ALT, HDG, NAV/LOC and APP settings (early age of Autopilot systems)
  • Hide-able yoke to allow you to see instruments and switches that would otherwise be hidden.
  • Airfiles created by famed Wayne Tudor
  • Engines cough a flame and puff of smoke on start up
  • Spoilers cause a plume of vapor trail when extended at good speed
  • Numerous alarm sounds for 'gear up', 'engine fire', 'overspeed', and many more 'events'.

2D Panels and Popups
Due to high request, we have created a 2D panel as well as 2D popup sub-panels, such as Electrical System and Engines, Audio Panel, Fuel Management Panel and other popups. The LJ24B features the stock FS GPS system as the LJ24B was before the time of actual GPS systems.

Bubble Popup Placcards for the beginner pilot
A new system dreamed up by Bill Ortis to help new pilots of this plane become familiar with the locations of primary controls of importance on this plane, we have incorporated a Popup Bubble Placcards system. Click a hidden button on the top left of the panel hood annunciator and these popup, showing you where key switches and controls are located.

Parking Mode
The LHC Standard 'Parking Mode' which an this aircraft features wheel chauks, turbine engine covers, front perspex reflective cover, and cabin window shades. Pitot cover flags are also features in this mode. Accessed by a hidden switch on the instrument panel

The infamous Learjet Fuel Management Panel
The very tricky Fuel Management Panel of the LJ24B. Notorius and slightly sophisticated, this jet features an actual, controlable wingtank fuel dumping system. The fuel system is quite different from normal aircraft and requires observing fuel drain and transferring of fuel from the fuselage tanks to the wing tanks. Remember, you cannot land with full wing tip tanks

An online owners manual which you can access with tablets and smart phones while in flight in FS / P3D

*** IMPORTANT *** BUG REPORT: The Learjet has an issue with several Annunciator Lights from the main Annunciator panel (on the hood over the instrument panel) that become partially discolored, like a filter is over them. This is an intermittent issue that sometimes doesnt show and doesnt appear until later in the flight. We have tried to cure this issue for 3 months now and have found no way to fix it. When a way is discovered, we will post the fix. Thank you for your patience... 

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