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Lionheart Creations Quickie Q200

Lionheart Creations Quickie Q200

Lionheart Creations Quickie Q200

Lionheart Creations Quickie Q200

SIZE (Mb) 454
PUBLISHER Lionheart Creations (MORE)
Price: $19.95
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Time for a change? Tired of flying the same thing everyone else has? Need to stretch your world? Want to see more? Ever dreamed of owning a custom built aircraft?

This package features a 'fictional' version of the famed 1980's Q200 Dragonfly. The LHC version Q200 has a high performance Continental O-200 engine, cruises at 180 MPH, and features standard instrumentation. No LCD screens. Just dials.

This pro addon pack also features eleven massive 'Theme' packs where everything from instrument panels and seats, interior color themes as well as exteriors are all treated differently for each plane.

If you want a new aircraft that is a little feisty, needs attention, isnt to boring, adds some spice to your normal flying adventures, then the Q200 might be for you.

Nope. This is not an exact replica. * No flaps... * No spoiler panel... * No autopilot...

Product Features:

  • Extreme resolution 4096 textures for main important textures like the exterior.
  • 3D Raised Instrumentation (knobs and bezels) with 2D high resolution graphics. Gauges are not true 3D but 2D XML coded instruments mapped on 3D surfaces.
  • Garmin 550 Aircraft GPS with popup version for visibility
  • High detail surplus F-16 jet fighter control joystick
  • High detail pilot model
  • 'One' 2D instrument panel in 'gray' only.

Theme Definition:

LHC is starting a trend where it does not create a simple livery with an outside paint scheme, but an entire 'theme' built into the aircraft package.

A theme goes far beyond just a paint scheme. It includes the panel, upholstery, the cabin interior, fabrics, instrumentation bezels, etc, etc. The entire plane is redone.

Each theme is designed to make the aircraft so totally different from the rest, that it is as though you get many completely different planes rather then one plane with several paint schemes on its exterior.

Below are the various 'Themes' that are in this package. Eleven Themes are included in the Q200 package.

  1. Blue Stripe
  2. Yellow Racer
  3. Blue Striped Britain
  4. Metallic Gold and Tan
  5. Silver NOX
  6. Yellow and White
  7. Red and White
  8. Midnight Blue
  9. Neon Green
  10. Metallic Orange
  11. Plaine White

There is no owners manual included with the download, but you can view it online at this link


FSX, FSX:Steam Edition, P3D v1 - v4

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