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FSGenesis - United States Terrain Mesh FSX

FSGenesis - United States Terrain Mesh FSX

FSGenesis - United States Terrain Mesh FSX

FSGenesis - United States Terrain Mesh FSX

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Welcome to the FSX Generation of FSGenesis terrain mesh! By taking advantage of the new, improved FSX terrain engine, this product will take your terrain detail to unimagined new heights. These terrain files are also P3D-compatible, with manual configuration

This enhancement features an incredible and often eye-popping 9.6m resolution for the entire, contiguous United States, coast-to-coast (default is 38.2m). FSGenesis United States Terrain Mesh will bring familiar detail to all those spectacular topographical features found in, for instance, The Rockies, The Cascades, The Appalachians, and everywhere else. From the Atlantic to the Gulf to the Pacific--Maine to California, Washington to Florida and everything in between, it's all here and accurately depicts the gently-rolling terrain of the plains for those who like to take in the landscape low and slow. Fly through the Black Hills, the Salt River Canyon, fly low along the road through Wolf Creek Pass or anywhere in the lower 48, right on your desktop. Simply add to cart, checkout, download, install, and you'll soon be on your way to new adventures through spectacular terrain!

Technically, this product has been derived from the 10m (NED) National Elevation Dataset (corrected in-house where anomalies were found) then compiled into multi-resolution (LODs 7-12) BGLs, An auto-installer will easily install the files onto your hard drive, then go fly and enjoy your new United States . . .

Version 2 . . .

V2 features thousands of public-use airports that no longer have plateaus. Plateaus are a result of the "flat-airport" limitation found in the FS code. While very few, if any, airports are perfectly-flat in real life, the only way MSFS can depict airports is by making them flat. When highly accurate, high-resolution terrain mesh is applied, a plateau effect can result. This effect has been addressed in the all the international and regional airports in the coverage area, and most county airports as well.

What is Terrain Mesh?

The world is not flat…it comprises mountains, valleys, rolling plains, etc. I.E. topographical features. These bumps, dips, and flat areas all need to be translated into a surface understood by your flight simulator. Terrain Mesh is the name given to the Digital Elevation Model, (DEM), that represents these topographical features. This is the surface of the earth over which the user flies in the simulator (or crashes into!) For more than a decade, FSGenesis has been the leader in highly realistic, high resolution terrain mesh for flight simulator. So to make your simulator world and scenery as realistic as possible, you need terrain mesh!