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RAF Station Silloth

RAF Station Silloth

RAF Station Silloth

RAF Station Silloth

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By the end of hostilites in 1945 there were over 2000 military airfields in Britain. In response to Nazi Germany's rearmament program old WW1 and civil airfields and later RAF airfields were upgraded with permanent buildings and hangarage during the RAF's " Expansion" period of the 1930's. Following the outbreak of war farmland was requisitioned and hundreds of "austerity" airfields constructed using prefabricated hangars, accomodation and technical buildings. Many airfields were constructed in the west of Britain and allocated to Operational Training Units (OTU's), Maintenance Units (MU's) and Aircraft Storage Units (ASU's) as they were considered to be beyond the range of enemy bombers.

One such airfield was RAF Station Silloth on the southern shore of the Solway Firth to the west of Carlisle in Cumberland (now Cumbria).It was built as a Maintenance Command station following typical Expansion Period design, but was transferred to Coastal Command with 22 Maintenance Unit forming a station within. The Coastal Command group pool had been re-designated No:1 Operational Training Unit in April 1940 receiving Lockheed Hudsons direct from the USA and Canada.  Sadly many of these aircraft and their crews were lost in the Solway Firth on training flights, hence it being known locally as 'Hudson Bay'.

In 1940 Silloth was attacked several times by the Luftwaffe proving to be not quite out of range.

Silloth follows the usual RAF layout of 5 hangars ( 3 Ctype and 2 D type) facing the "bombing circle" on the technical site and 3 intersecting runways with surrounding perimeter track and additional D , L and E type storage hangars along with 13 Robin and Super Robin hangars on dispersed sites around the airfield. All of these are modelled.
Today Silloth lies abandoned by the RAF with many of the hangars occupied by local businesses.

Aligned with Horizon Generation X scenery. ( But no compatability claimed.)

The scenery consists of:

  • Full compliment of hangars.
  • Technical site representative of the period.
  • Airfield lighting. ( Wartime airfields were lit when reqd.)
  • Static Hudsons, Beauforts, Wellingtons and a Lysander
  • AI Mosquitoes and Hurricanes are in action.
  • As an aid to navigation ILS and a NDB are included.
  • Note: The AI are not "flyable" and along with the statics may not be compatible with DX10.

System Requirements

  •  Windows XP w/SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
  •  Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  •  Microsoft Flight Simulator Gold
  •  Dovetail Games FSX-Steam Edition
  •  Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1
  •  CPU 2.4Ghz or better
  •  2Gb RAM Minimum
  •  512 MB DX9 or DX10 Graphics Card or better
  •  170 MB hard disk space for download, 210 MB for installation
  • DX9 compatible but NOT guaranteed compatible with DX10 Preview


DX9 compatible but NOT guaranteed compatible with DX10 Preview

This is a multi-installer that will auto-install to FSX, FSX-SE or Prepar3D v1

Compatible with Prepar3D v1 but MAY NOT BE compatible with Prepar3D v2



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