Extreme Airline

Extreme Airline

Extreme Airline

Extreme Airline

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This massive add-on takes you beyond flying in and out of some of the World's most dangerous airports. It also includes several challenging emergency situations from history such as the Hawaii flight where the canopy ripped away and includes the challenging Hudson river ditching flight from a geese flock hit. It includes adventure missions such as a full blown castaway island survival mission and D.B. Coopers famous airline ransom escape. There are also some detailed R&R rest and relaxation, free-roam missions for deserving big jet pilots like as commanding the blimp over a major car race. Tour Hawaii, Bermuda and Vegas. Paddle a kayak out of the Robin's nest tidal pool.

Catch your breath and then take on Toncontin Honduras airport through a storm.

This pack includes more than a hundred newly created objects, effects sounds as well as some detailed approach and departure scenarios from a major airport for beginners and novice and up. They guide you in every aspect of the in and outs of an airliner taking off or landing at a major hub including glide slope guidance, other traffic to look out for, correct radio communication, proper taxi request and how and where to go, how to get the most out of reverse thrusters to making sure the flaps are set right for takeoff. Some training approaches are so pre set up you do not have to do anything but power down and practice landing and setting reverse thrusters. This add-on includes a large amount of newly animated objects such as animated trees and grass to give a live feel.

Some Of The Missions (there are 32)
RDJ EA Atlanta R&R dusk "Let's go racing"!

You have been asked by a fellow airline pilot to command the camera blimp for the dusk night car race. You get the best view seat of the stadium! In this free roaming mission and walk around the race track field.

RDJ EA Atlanta(Departure)
Live the daily routine takeoff at a major airport. Go through the pre checks at the gate. Use pushback (F2) to back out. Do a correct taxi to runway entry. Take off for success.

RDJ EA Atlanta(Day Land)
On approach to Atlanta runway. A mission glideslope is set up to audibly and text guide you down so you can feel it and see it VFR as pilots do bringing down a heavy. There is traffic ahead of you. You must keep a distance by controlling speed and keep a clear VFR.

RDJ EA-Bermuda triangle experience
Strange things are out there today on your approach to Bermuda island airport. Several phenomenons will take over your view and you will have to fly instrument flight rule (IFR) just to know that you are right side up. Bermuda tower will guide you through. You must fly as straight and level as possible and do not let the view get to your judgement. You must then land through heavy clouds of a hurricane that blows up over Bermuda. A glide slope will help you down- you will need it as you cannot see anything till the last few seconds. You may report the Bermuda phenomenon dept or deny it like most and keep your career

RDJ EA (Cast Away Storm survive)
Somewhere over the Pacific ocean it all goes down. A lightning bolt takes the plane down. You are a crew cargo handler on the plane. You escape the wreckage and find a raft. You then make it to a nearby deserted island where you must survive during a storm with waterspouts and find a way off.

RDJ EA DB Cooper 2 (The escape)
Re-live D.B. Coopers last journey of his legendary escape. Take off to take D.B. up to his jump zone following his orders. You then switch and become D.B. and must guide your parachute to the escape or forever be lost to the wilderness.

RDJ EA Gibraltar(Day land)
Approach to LXGB Gibraltar international. LXGB is listed by many also as the #1 most dangerous airports to land a commercial airliner because of it's short runway and avoiding Spanish airspace to approach rwy 9 by making a sharp right turn down to the runway. Do not stray into Spanish airspace on your left for more than 30 seconds or you will fail the landing mission. Stay on the tarmac and do not get stuck in the grass while taxi.

RDJ EA Gimli glider
Your aircraft was mistakenly not filled with enough fuel as ground crews were learning a new measurement value they had to change to. Your only course is to glide your 737 to an abandoned 3000 ft runway being used as a drag race strip. Use your gliding skills to try and make it to the runway by not lowering gear,setting flaps ect until the right times

RDJ EA Hawaii Day of the convertible.
You are put up to an ultimate survival challenge today after takeoff from Honolulu int. The front top of the cabin is stressed out and rips off. You must quickly get the aircraft under slow control to keep the passengers safe and make a very carefull controlled descent back to the runway for an emergency landing.

RDJ EA Hudson river miracle
Relive the daring river landing after hitting flocks of geese just after take off. Glide your plane to the pre determined spot on the Hudson river and set it down.

RDJ EA Princes Juliana (Day takeoff)
Take off from the famous beach front as beach goers hang onto the fence from your jet blast. The danger at this airport are the mountains straight ahead. Pilots must bank before the reaching the mountains for safer and smoother flights

RDJ EA Toncontin (Night land storm)
Approach to MHTG Toncontin international, Honduras to runway 19 at (Night with thunderstorm). Toncontin is listed by many as the #1 most dangerous airports to land a commercial airliner because of it's steep terrain, in the way buildings and short runway. Only a few commercial pilots are even qualified to land there. Coming into runway 19 keeps you on edge navigating down the terrain and then making last second maneuvers to avoid the buildings while setting down. Once you make a sucsessful touchdown you will have 10 minutes to get stopped and taxi to a predetermined gate designated by the compass pointer to complete. Stay on the tarmac and don't get stuck in the grass. Be careful as there are strong winds. Settings are enforced for expert

For use with the original FSX with Acceleration and FSX Stream Ed. (Separate installers included)