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Mission F-22 for P3D

Mission F-22 for P3D

Mission F-22 for P3D

Mission F-22 for P3D

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This mission add-on for military F-22 jet fighter dog fighting, bomb runs missile runs and Top gun training at Miramar San Diego (Re- opened for F-22 pilots). Smart missiles, tone acquisition, tough AI opponents and easy AI opponent training to get the hang of it. Take on deadly terrorist flying Migs in the war zone or run operations out of (fighter town) Miramar! including an all-out actual sidewinders drone training mission that gives you the top gun movie, hair on fire feeling! But the biggest new add to these missions are the (Special Forces edition missions). So what this mission pack does, is incorporates a combination of F-22 bombing run missions (and) on the ground special forces using Special Operations Forces Laser Rangefinder Designators (SOFLAM). You will be an actual running, walking ,stopping, kneeling, laser targeting special forces soldier or 3 soldiers at a time all in contact with your AI F-22 pilot counterpart, while targeting terrorist enemies, vehicles, tanks, buildings… Standing back and watching the bombs explode from the F-22. Plus, fight your way out of tough spots with your trusty M-16 rifle.

There is (way) more!

There is also a new aircraft carrier - The USS Enterprise included (Modern coming stealth version). Incorporated with onboard red yellow green meatball lights for carrier landings. Also included is a (larger) scale of the carrier that gives a more visual perspective of a (real) carrier landing. (The PC monitor FSX visuals make carrier trap landings too unrealistically hard at the last few seconds.) So try this version and finally enjoy a trap cable arrestor landing with realistic success as actual carrier pilots do without going X.

NOTE: as you may know - the P3F F-22 aircraft is NOT arrestor wire functional. We have include a simple code you can paste into the F-22's aircraft cfg to make it carrier ready. Or you can actually land on the carrier without wires but you need to be quick on the brakes. Also the catapult connection is not configured in the P3D F-22 model, but you can easily take off as the carrier is (moving) at several knots. Just press (Shift+P) to back up some and go for it!

There is also an incredible special forces dune buggy race in the Baja Mexico. Special forces use a Cherowith dune buggy. You will also use this dune buggy on combat missions driving around and targeting enemies with (SOFLAM) lasers with your F-22 counterpart dropping the bombs. There is much, much more waiting for you as a surprise! Nearly 30 missions, tons of audio including a live 3D rock concert! New mission codes, more than ever before!

Take a wild combat plane ride in Mission F-22 in P3D, an incredible movie-like visual engine in either actually war zones or back home in training like never before!

This P3D sim add-on will give your 'Hair on fire'! Just do it!