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B-47E Stratojet (Steam)

B-47E Stratojet (Steam)

B-47E Stratojet (Steam)

B-47E Stratojet (Steam)

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The Boeing B-47 was the first swept-wing multi-engine bomber in service with the USAF. It was truly a quantum leap in aviation history, and is the forerunner of every jet aircraft in service today.  As early as 1943, Boeing engineers had envisaged a jet bomber, but were unable to overcome issues with the straight wings of the day.  However, Boeing aero-engineer George Schairer was in Germany and came across some secret wind-tunnel data on swept-wing jet airplanes.  He sent the information back to the United States, where engineers then used the Boeing High-Speed Wind Tunnel to develop the XB-47, which featured swept-back wings.  The B-47 broke a number of records and proved to be a great strategic deterrent during the Cold War era.  The B-47E is an advanced version of the original XB-47, with much more powerful J-47 engines.  A grand total of 2,032 of these aircraft were built, with the last one rolling out in 1956.

*** For FSX STEAM EDITION only ***


- ONE model and ONE livery.

  • Native FSX model includes bump-mapping, self-shadowing & reflective bloom.
  • High-detail reflective bare-metal texture set (.psd source files provided for repainters)
  • Water injection thick black smoke effect on take-off (white on RATO model (DLC))
  • Detailed virtual cockpit with animations (stick, pedals, levers) - rear cockpit included
  • Many mousable switches in V-C (lights, starters, shutdowns etc)
  • Detailed and authentic 2D panel, xml gauges, fully mousable, with custom pop-ups for AP and radios
  • Pop-up Fuel Panel included, based on real B-47 fuel management panel. Gauges and switches work
  • Authentic flight model with checklist
  • Illustrated reference file with explanations of the various functions
  • Animated canopy and crew entry with ladder (shift-e)
  • Animated bomb bay doors and deflectors (uses spoiler command)
  • Simulated B-47 soundset included

*** B-47E Stratojet DLC (optional extra purchase) ***

The DLC adds two extra B-47E versions, one with aux. tanks, and with RATO bottles.

Each version has a unique flight model, longer range with the former and extra-rapid climb rate with the latter. Realistic white smoke effects are included with the RATO version.


  • FSX Steam Edition