Farm Air

Farm Air

Farm Air

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PUBLISHER TakeFlight Interactive (MORE)
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Put yourself in the boots of a new crop dusting pilot. You’ll be challenged to 5 increasingly difficult scenarios – and you’ll have to perform well if you want to earn the respect of your new co-workers.

You’ll start by taking on a time trial to see if you can dust a field fast enough to get hired. From there your newly-acquired skills will be put to the test with novel challenges and competition from your fellow pilots. After you’ve proven you’re the best crop duster around, challenge your friends in a multiplayer scenario!

Each scenario can be flown in either Alabeo’s PA-36 Pawnee Brave or FSX’s default Maule – your choice.

TakeFlight Interactive is a games studio formed by Aces alumni who are dedicated to bringing interactive mission-based experiences to the world of Flight Simulator.

Are you ready to make high-speed, low-altitude passes over crowded fields? Get ready to give your joystick a death-grip as you make tight turns just below the critical angle of attack. Compete to be the best duster around in Farm Air.


  • Exciting Missions – Each stick & rudder experience adds a new twist.
  • Custom Mission Scenery – Fly through custom 3D objects while keeping an eye on the clock.
  • Flexible Aircraft – Play with default aircraft or use a 3rd party crop duster.
  • Multiplayer – Compete with your friends in the final scenario to see who the best crop duster really is!