Final Approach

Final Approach

Final Approach

Final Approach

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PUBLISHER TakeFlight Interactive (MORE)
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Learn the basics of shooting and ILS, then experience the challenge of 5 increasingly difficult instrument approaches. 

You’ll start by getting checked out in the CRJ and a refresher on how to shoot an ILS approach – just in case it’s been a while since flight school.

You and your co-pilot will then be thrown into challenge after challenge as you increase your skills and advance toward flying the mighty 747!

Take the controls and assume the responsibility of Pilot-In-Command.  Your co-pilot will read checklists, handle radios, and call out minimums, but the ultimate responsibility for the safety of all aboard your ship rests with you.

TakeFlight Interactive is a games studio formed by Aces alumni who are dedicated to bringing interactive mission-based experiences back to the world of Flight Simulator.

Are you ready to fly real approaches in fully-loaded airliners?  Learn what it feels like to make the decision to continue the approach or go missed.  Do you have what it takes to get your passengers to their destination when Mother Nature gets in the way?


•    Interactive Co-pilot – Your co-pilot will read checklists, remind you of critical items, handle radios, and provide helpful tips along the way.
•    Paced Gameplay – Increasing difficulty keep the challenge interesting.
•    Default Aircraft – No need to buy add-ons to play!
•    Realistic Approaches – Fly actual instrument approaches while following real approach plates.
•    Authentic Gameplay – Dialog and gameplay written by real-world pilots!