SB2C Helldiver

SB2C Helldiver

SB2C Helldiver

SB2C Helldiver

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PUBLISHER Aeroplane Heaven (MORE)
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This is a brand new simulation of the last purpose-built dive-bomber used by the U.S. Navy.

Designed to replace the Douglas SBD Dauntless divebomber, the new Curtiss SB2C had a difficult birth and a tough early career. Structural weakness, poor performance and significant handling issues all led to inevitable delays for the production model to enter service. The challenging handling issues were never really resolved and the aircraft earned many nicknames including "The Beast". However, in the hands of experienced crews, the "Helldiver" became a formidable anti-shipping attack bomber and sub-hunter, contributing greatly to allied successes in the Pacific theatre.

The flight dynamics in this unique simulation have been engineered to give a challenging, authentic flight experience based on contemporary reports and pilot notes. In experienced hands, the SB2C became one of the most effective weapons employed in the Pacific war and featured in just about every major battle. Every detail of this amazing machine has been authentically modelled in perfect detail. The rear gunner's cockpit boasts a full animated gunner and twin machine guns, housed in a retractable "turtledeck" which is also fully and authentically animated. Every switch, knob and lever in the pilot's cockpit is functional thanks to many unique animations. Special "stutter-start" prop effects and sounds simulate the Wright Cyclone engine perfectly and the cockpit includes all the accurate switch procedures for authentic engine starts. The bomb doors open and bombs will swing down and drop when dive-bombing.

The high fidelity exterior model includes the Helldiver's unique dive flap system which has been modelled and functions to a high degree of accuracy. The wings fold revealing detailed working mechanisms and there is a working tail-hook for carrier landings. There are two brand-new USN pilot figures with animations that include oxygen masks which are put on at altitude and you can toggle the rear gunner action that swings the gunner round and down to man the guns. This is the most authentic rendition of this venerable USN dive bomber available and will provide many hours of challenging, simulation pleasure.


  • Hi fidelity models with a huge amount of detail
  • Extensive animations in an authentic pilot cockpit and detailed gunner's cockpit with highly detailed machine guns and ammo
  • Choice of SB2C-3 or -4 models
  • Superbly detailed Wright Cyclone engine
  • Dive bombing with droppable bombs (simulated)
  • Fully animated rear cockpit with gunner, turtledeck and twin machine guns
  • Gun muzzle flashes and shell casings eject (wing guns)
  • Highly detailed authentic pilot and rear gunner with animations
  • Realistic engine start and vibration of exhausts with smoke and flame effects.
  • Authentic dive flap operation from cockpit.
  • Folding wings with steady struts
  • Working tail hook for carrier landings
  • Many unique animations including:
    • Leading edge slats
    • Flaps and dive flaps
    • Canopies
    • Gunner's cockpit items
    • Rear turtledeck retract
  • Superb, authentic stereo sound pack
  • Detailed manual and flying guide with multiple "real-world" checklists
  • Paint Kit


  • Special configuration panel pop-up allows you to load a variety of weapons and has a "cold-dark" start option which removes pilots, folds the wings , cuts the engine and turns everything off in the cockpit for a manual start.
  • "Firing" guns
  • Bomb doors open and bombs swing down on their cradle prior to dropping


  • 8 Authentic liveries cover the Helldiver's career in the Pacific and also North Atlantic and RAF
  • "Pro" quality paint kit to create your own liveries and schemes


  • Windows XP SP3 , Vista , 7, 8, 10
  • FSX SP2/Accel pack/Steam
  • Prepar3d V2, V3, v4 (compatible)
  • Ram : Minimum 2 + GB RAM
  • Hard drive : 488 MB