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Johnny Selva In Peru

Johnny Selva In Peru

Johnny Selva In Peru

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Have you flown up the Andes Mountains from the green valleys of Peru? We thought you had not.

We asked Johnny Selva to write for us his route from a very green valley up to Ayacucho high in the Peruvian Andes and down to the Pacific Ocean coast to the city of PISCO. More than 150 miles of adventure flying. This is a photo-real flight that really shows how the Andes Mountains look like high from above. Johnny takes off early in the morning and takes a rest at the Ayacucho Airport, while his plane is loaded with cargo AND FUEL. One or two passengers await, aware that they will fly where not to many of their fellow neighbors do.


  • Over 150 miles of photo-real environment. Get to know the Andes Mountains as real as possible.
  • Detailed Ayacucho airport and city.
  • More than six landing areas, including airports and rough airfields in the route.
  • A dangerous approach to Ayacucho at 8918ft.
  • Pisco city on the Pacific Coast.
  • Complete documentation and map.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP with SP3 installed, Vista or 7 (32 or 64 bits), 8, 10
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX with SP1 and SP2 (or Acceleration Pack),or FSXSE
  • Pentium V/2GHz or similar
  • Minimum 2GB RAM
  • 512MB graphics card.
  • 290MB available hard disk space.