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Airport & City v3 (FSX)

Airport & City v3 (FSX)

Airport & City v3 (FSX)

Airport & City v3 (FSX)

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AFS-design brings a excellent scenery package of "Airport & City" for FSX.

New Airport & City v3:

  • Brighter contrast 500 new 1024 px. building textures

The "Airport & City" scenery contains a comprehensive package of new textures for autogenous building, such as shelter or skyscrapers.
It will be the default autogen textures replaced with new improved textures and adapted to the respective world area.
The new textures awaken all your cities and airports throughout the world standard for new life.

The term "Texture" Mapping (about German design) refers to a method of 3D computer graphics.
It is used with two-dimensional images of three-dimensional surface models of the surfaces the so-called "textures" equip.
Textures can be 3D objects appear more detailed and more realistic without the 3D buildings must be even refined.

By calculation friendly mipmap textures, the speed (frame rate) is significantly improved.
Especially on slower PC systems is to feel the better frame rate.

New autogenous Airport textures :

  • Runway and taxiways with new details
  • Asphalt and concrete surfaces with 1024 px
  • Shelters, airport buildings and terminals
  • Airport roofs
  • Radar towers and VOR stations
  • Autogenous Grass textures to the authentic atmosphere of the airport
  • Mipmaps for sharp remote display
  • And much more

New autogenous City textures :

  • Over 600 autogenous building textures
  • High-resolution facades
  • Houses, skyscrapers , factories
  • Family hHouses
  • High resolution roofs
  • High Resolution Library building , such as: schools, churches , gas stations , power stations , water towers
  • Roads and highways.
  • And much more

Last night light Textures :

  • Towns, villages with a great night atmosphere
  • Spectacular night lighting with light map textures
  • High-resolution window Lighting
  • Roads and highways with light cones of motor vehicles

New autogenous plant textures :

  • 49 plants make your simulator to a living world .
  • Different for all seasons and for all regions of the earth
  • Conifers, deciduous trees
  • Dry shrubs for steppe
  • Cacti
  • Photo Realistic grass


BOEING 787 with Industrial House Repaint


  • FSX only

***UPDATE OFFER: If you previously purchased AFS Design's "Airport & City v2 for FSX", you are entitled to the special upgrade price of only $9.95.  Please look in your email for the coupon code if your purchased AFS Design's "Airport & City v2 for FSX" from PC Aviator or email [email protected].

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